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$500 Million To Improve Air Conditioners For NSW Schools – What Does This Mean?

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$500,000,000 for NSW school's air conditioning

One of the greatest incentives of any New South Wales government has been recently announced. Up to 1000 existing schools, including all newly built schools will be provided with air conditioner systems as part of the $500 million funding boost by the Government. This investment makes it the largest of its kind in New South Wales history.

Additionally, this initiative will enable the removal of potentially dangerous unflued gas heaters where new air conditioning systems are installed.

Introducing this measure, a safer, cleaner and more comfortable learning environment for hundreds of thousands of NSW school students will be achieved, a focus of various interest groups from all corners of the state for many years.

Providing an environment more conducive to learning, classrooms and libraries will be infinitely quieter, more comfortable and dust free. In addition, control of humidity, fresh and recycled air is expected to greatly benefit all students, particularly those with ailments accentuated by dust and high humidity and extreme heat or cold.

While it is a great step in the right direction, providing our leaders of tomorrow with a comfortable place to study, it is also important to remember long term health considerations and maintain the important elements of each air conditioning system ensuring air filters fans and other elements are serviced and maintained regularly.

In addition to the above general interest information, Alliance Climate Control also suggest the following websites for further reference: – NSW Budget: Half a billion dollars to air-condition more classrooms


How to keep an air conditioner unit in good repair?

Air conditioner units provided by manufacturers such as Fujitsu and Daikin have been developed over many years to a point where they are extremely efficient, only using minimal energy to operate, thanks to innovations like inverter technology and ionising filtration systems.

However, all air conditioners as with any mechanical system, require regular cleaning and maintenance and it is recommended that such inspections be carried out at least once every 12 months or even more frequently in high dust environments.

Alliance Climate Control are a well-known and highly respected distributor of FujitsuDaikin and several other reputable brands, frequently servicing many clients’ installations in and around the Sydney metropolitan area.

How to keep an air conditioner system in good repair between services

Most reputable air conditioner brands have facilities to keep air filters clean and free from dust and pollens, however, it is equally important to inspect the air filters and covers for any signs of dust collection at intervals between regular services.

Easily completed by maintenance staff at individual schools, this task might be performed at the start of each term complementing more detailed annual inspections performed by professional organisations such as Alliance Climate Control.