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Did You Know Air Conditioning Is The Most Cost-Effective Heating For A Home?

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Advantages of a reverse cycle air conditioner in winter

Surprising as it may seem, a reverse cycle air conditioner is by far the safest and most inexpensive way to heat your home in the winter months.

Conventional heating systems such as gas and combustion heaters often provide rapid relief from the cold but can be hazardous if invisible and odourless carbon monoxide gases escape and fill the room being heated, while a combustion heater with the same disadvantages, also requires constant refuelling with the inevitability of smoke intrusion staining walls and furnishings.

Electric heaters can also provide rapid relief for small rooms and individual occupants; however, their use is less effective for large areas and they readily consume higher amounts of energy than other types of heaters.

Reverse cycle air conditioners, by comparison, are the safest, cleanest and least expensive to operate.


Operating a reverse cycle as a heater, the room temperature can be raised safely and uniformly without danger to the occupants of the room. A reverse cycle air conditioner is also generally cheaper to run than other heating systems with savings ranging between 19% to almost 50% for a smaller air conditioning system, according to the Choice website.

Households can make considerable savings of up to 27% on their heating running costs by switching to a reverse cycle air conditioner system according to the Daikin website. Its versatility means that you can rely on one single unit to provide both hot and cold air conditioning comfort throughout the year.

An added advantage of reverse cycle air conditioners is the incorporation of remote Wi-Fi access control, meaning your reverse cycle air conditioner can be activated to safely heat your home to a comfortable temperature before you arrive home.

How to make your home more winter friendly

In addition to achieving large savings on energy costs for winter heating, there are several steps to take that will improve the insular capabilities of your home and prevent unnecessary heat loss.

  • Close windows, doors, and curtains where practical.
  • Eliminate all sources of draughts and cold air entry under doors and at poor fitting windows.
  • Use of carpets or rugs often helps maintain greater personal comfort.

How to keep your heating costs low

Even in a cold climate where winter temperatures are consistently low, there are some steps you can take to help minimise your winter energy costs, including:

  • Limit the selected temperatures to a range which is most comfortable. For each additional degree of extra heating, your energy usage can increase by up to 10%.
  • Regularly maintain your air-conditioning system, ensuring the air filters are kept clean.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of the heater, that is don’t turn on the heater if the room still feels comfortable.
  • Avoid heating rooms that are not in use.

Regular maintenance of reverse cycle air conditioner systems is an important element of their continued operating efficiency.

Poor maintenance has been proven to be costlier than regular inspections. Examinations and frequent cleaning can identify instances of loss of efficiency and also highlight future issues before they arise.

Alliance Climate Control can assist with regular cleaning of your air conditioner system and we strongly recommend both pre-winter and pre-summer inspection services to make sure the air filters, fans and coils are all clean and in good repair.

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