Alliance Eco-Clean


What is Alliance Eco-Clean?

Eco-Clean is a service provided by Alliance Climate Control to restore your air conditioner fan coil back to factory specification.

It can only be performed by trained Alliance Climate Control technicians and best completed just ahead of the summer season or peak usage pattern for your air conditioner.

The covers and filters are removed from your air conditioner system, with the drain tray and drain pipe checked to make sure they are clear and no blockages exist.

The fan coil is carefully washed first with water then be sanitised with Alliance Climate Control’s own microbial solution, to make sure the coil is free from dust, fungi or pathogens. The filters will also be sanitised in a similar fashion.

Finally, the condition of the ducting is checked for breaks or poor vent seals, then vacuumed to remove any dust or pollens that may be present before test running the system.

Why is Alliance Eco-Clean good for your ducted air conditioner?

An Alliance Eco-Clean service is recommended for your system at least once every two years.

An Alliance Eco-Clean service can prepare your system for the high heat loads of summer and eradicate any issues that may exist including:

  • Dust and dirt lodged in the filter or fan coil which may cause the coil to freeze over and place unnecessary strain on the components of the system
  • Dirt and grime blocking the drain tray with the potential to cause water overflow and trigger serious damage.
  • Formation of condensation in the ducting tube dripping from the vent, damaging furnishings or other possessions.
  • Breaks in the ducting tube or seal allowing cool air to escape or allow dust and dirt to enter.

How can we help with inspection and repair of your Ducted Air Conditioning system?

Alliance Climate Control recommend your air conditioner system undergo a regular check to make sure it is in top order before experiencing the high heat loads of summer and a costly and inconvenient breakdown.

Alliance Climate Control technicians are ready to mobilise and waiting on your call.

We can even arrange a regular appointment so you can set and forget, we’ll just let you know a week or so ahead of your appointment to make sure the selected time is convenient.

Set up your next appointment with a technician now!

air conditioning bacteria cleaning

Alliance ECO strip clean process:

  • Removing all plastic covers, filters on the indoor fan coil
  • Indoor fan coil is covered and sanitised with anti-bacterial chemical
  • All mould, grime and dirt build up on coil is removed
  • Indoor fan coil is soaked, scrubbed and thoroughly washed out with water
  • Killing pathogens
  • Unit is dried, reassembled and commissioned

Unit operation will tested by the technician to ensure that everything is in complete working order.

You will then be left with a wall split system air conditioner that circulates healther air. It will not be pushing bad smells into your home/office. And it won’t cost any more than it should to run.

Air con bad smell

Mould, grime, bacteria & fungi

Dirty vs Clean air conditioning coil

Eco Cleaning

Important info: Dirty indoor coils and blower wheels can cause heat exchange failure, the indoor fan coil cools its self from the movement of air, and if air is blocked it can cause constant overheating and cause components to premature breakdowns.

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