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Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor air quality is a common topic globally especially in the US, Europe, and Asian countries. More than ever, people are starting to realise that air quality and air pollution as a concept is not just relating to outdoor air. We spend 90% or more of our time indoors yet little research to educate us on the air quality in our homes, schools, offices and other recreational buildings.

There are many components in our home that can affect the quality of air we breathe in our own homes. Here’s a quick preview:


Carbon Monoxide

A deadly odourless and invisible gas that is produced by fossil fuels that are not burned entirely i.e. your gas heater and gas stove


Nitrogen Dioxide

A common gas that is corrosive and toxic. This is found when fuel burns i.e. tobacco smoking, fumes from burning natural gas and wood



Different types of fungi that are found in and outside of your home. They are often the culprit for triggering allergies.

Did you know?

Risk studies by the US EPA have consistently found that indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental risks to public health.

What is an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor?

An IAQ monitor is a device designed to report on the levels of contaminants and general air conditions inside your home and usually in real-time. The main pollutants that you should be monitoring in your home are TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), chemicals, fine dust (PM2.5), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

There are plenty of IAQ monitors in the market now with different price points. Features range in:

  • The number of pollutants tracked – from a handful to as many as 9
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality tracking
  • Smart home/IFTTT integration
  • Apple & Android Apps
  • Cloud access/Data History - check up on the readings from anywhere

Why is monitoring indoor air quality important?

We take the air we breathe for granted especially when we are at home, we assume that the air we breathe is safer. Yet, many studies found this to be false and the complete opposite. The truth is there are more harmful pollutants in our own homes than outside. Plus, outdoor pollutants can also find their way into our homes.

This may be daunting news but with the right tools and information, anyone can make small changes to improve their quality of life. One of these tools is an IAQ monitor that can report back on the air you’re breathing, giving you the knowledge to take action.

IAQ Monitors can also alert you of pollutants that have risen to hazardous levels. This way you can take action to minimise or eliminate these causes. Some monitors can even trigger other smart appliances – such as your air conditioning and air purifier – to automatically increase the air quality in your home.

For example, Carbon Monoxide poisoning mimics the symptoms of the flu and restrict your oxygen level, impair thinking and reflexes. In worse case scenarios, leading to unconsciousness and death. 
With an IAQ Monitor, once you are notified about the alarming levels of Carbon Monoxide. You can take action by opening up windows, seeking medical help, and calling for a technician to help fix any appliances leaking this deadly gas.

Did you know?

Indoor air pollution in homes can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times more than outside air. In the worst situation, some homes have reported indoor air that is 100x more polluted than the air outside.

What is an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor?

At Alliance Climate Control, our staff and family have uHoo installed in their homes.

The uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor is the most comprehensive monitor there is on the market. With the ability to detect 9 different air conditions: Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Carbon Dioxide, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), Fine Dust (PM2.5), Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Ozone.

This product’s connectivity is also across the board. There is a mobile app that sends you personalised recommendations.

Along with its WIFI capabilities, uHoo saves historical data in the cloud and sends you real-time data wherever you are. It is also Smart Home friendly, being able to sync with any IFTTT device and other smart appliances.

For more information on the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor, check out the following trial – 14 Day Trial at a suburban apartment.

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