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Floor Standing Air Conditioners: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re talking to your air conditioning professional about options, they’ve likely mentioned floor standing air conditioners. Floor standing units are becoming increasingly popular in homes across Australia. 

Usually, the air conditioner unit is installed on the wall or a ducting system is used which goes through the roof space. However, increasingly Australian property owners are preferring to install a floor standing air conditioner for their rooms for a variety of reasons.

But what is floor standing air conditioning, and why are they sweeping the nation? 

Floor standing air conditioners are air conditioners that are installed on or near the floor or recessed in spots like unused fireplaces. Floor standing air conditioners are easy to access and maintain and are popular in homes with little wall space or high ceilings. 

This type of air conditioner is also called a floor console or a floor mounted air conditioner. If you’re limited on wall space in your home, yet you want to install an air conditioner, floor mounted air con units can be a great choice to help with all of your cooling and heating needs.

Whether you’re planning to install a floor standing air conditioner or you’re just curious about how they work, our guide will answer your questions. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about floor air conditioning units.


What Is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner?

A floor standing air conditioner that functions similarly to a standard air conditioning unit but is installed on or close to the floor. Floor standing air conditioners are easier to access and don’t take up valuable wall space, especially in smaller homes. 

A floor standing air conditioner is similar to a wall-mounted split air conditioner in many ways. The primary difference between the two is that the floor standing air conditioner is mounted close to the floor or stands on the floor itself. There are even instances where floor standing air conditioners are placed on recessed floors. 

Floor air conditioning units have a small footprint compared to other types of air conditioners. For that reason, they’re commonly found in commercial establishments such as restaurants, motels, data centres, and halls. However, they can also be a good choice for residential properties in Australia, particularly if you’re unable to attach anything to the wall. 

Despite their small size, floor air conditioners function like typical wall-mounted air conditioning systems. They are equipped with technologies found in traditional designs, including a compressor, filtration unit, refrigerant, and turbofan. 

Most floor standing air conditioners have a cooling capacity that ranges from 2.5 to 7 kWh, which would cool a room ranging from 10m2 to 65m2. Their exact abilities will depend on the model you choose to purchase. Like their traditional counterparts, floor standing air conditioners come in inverter and non-inverter models. 

How Does a Floor Standing Air Conditioner Work?

The operation process of floor standing air conditioners is the same as the typical wall-mounted split-system air conditioners. The key difference is that being closer to the ground allows for better air circulation in homes with high ceilings. 

Like a split system unit, floor mounted AC has a filtration unit for removing the dust particles, turbofan, refrigerant and compressor for cooling & heating. They have vents in the top or bottom or both sides for the cold air to be produced in the unit. Some units have auto-swing louvres to adjust the direction of the cooling. The auto swing feature ensures that the cold air is distributed evenly in all areas of the room. 

To generate cool air, a refrigerant is circulated through the unit, creating a cycle of evaporation and condensation as the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas. During evaporation, the refrigerant absorbs heat; after condensation, the heat is released. As with all other air conditioners, there is a separate working unit for both taking heat and returning it, and they are connected by tubes with refrigerant.

Remote control with LCD display is usually supplied with the floor standing AC unit so that it can be controlled remotely. These units can be controlled using an inverter to reduce the power consumption by up to 30%. The power consumption of the unit can also be adjusted by allowing you to choose the right mode for each condition.

In other words, floor standing air conditioning units function the same way as split system air conditioning, offering most of the features and benefits without requiring wall mounting. 

Floor Standing Air Conditioner vs Wall Mounted: Which Should I Choose?

Floor standing air conditioners offer many benefits which are worth considering. However, you’ll always want to choose the right type of air conditioning for your scenario. 

Here are some of the situations where floor mounted AC units can be the best choice:

Limited Wall Space

A floor-mounted console is often used when it is not possible to install the indoor unit of a standard air conditioner which normally is mounted on the wall. This is often due to limited space on the walls.

In many homes, the wall is used to display artwork such as paintings or other items of decor. Installing a split air conditioner on the wall will affect the appearance and décor of your home. Therefore, in these cases, a floor-mounted system is preferred, since it can be placed in any corner of the room and serve the same purpose.

Glass Walls or Large Windows 

In the last few decades many buildings have been built with glass walls and large windows. So, installing a split wall unit is not possible in such cases. That is where a floor console is preferred.

Low Angled Ceilings

Not all rooms or spaces are designed to fit a traditional wall mounted split system air conditioning unit. This is usually true for rooms with low angled ceilings that prevent the installation of traditional air conditioners.

Colder Climates & Heating 

If you plan to use your air conditioner for reverse cycle heating, floor mounted air conditioning units can be a great choice. This is because warm air is dispersed at foot level, helping keep everyone in the room warm and comfortable. 

Heating Rooms with High Ceilings

Homes with very high ceilings may benefit from floor mounted air conditioning systems. This is because the hot air has more room to disperse itself from the ground level instead of the ceiling. Unused fireplaces are a common spot to place floor standing air conditioners.

Accessibility Challenges

People with limited mobility or disabilities may find floor standing air conditioners much more convenient. Floor standing units are easier to clean and maintain due to their position and are easier to reach than those installed high up in ceilings and on walls.

Aesthetic & Home Design

Some homeowners prefer floor standing air conditioners for their discreet appearance. Traditional air conditioning units take up a large amount of wall space and cannot be easily “disguised”. Floor standing units are generally much smaller than their traditional counterparts and come in more aesthetic styles. 


Pros & Cons of Floor Standing Air Conditioning

Pros of a Floor Standing Air Conditioner

The key benefits of floor standing air conditioners are: 

  • Space saving – Not all homes have enough wall space to dedicate to a large wall mounted air conditioning unit. Using lower wall space and recessed areas like unused fireplaces, you can keep your limited wall space for decorations.
  • Versatility – No matter what time of the year it is, your floor standing air conditioner will earn its place. Using temperature detection technology, not only can the unit be used to heat in winter and cool in summer, but it can detect what your home needs and provide it automatically. 
  • Affordability – Floor mounted air conditioners are much more affordable than other cooling systems on the market like ducted air conditioners. If you are on a budget, a floor mounted air conditioner will keep you cool on a budget. 
  • Low profile design – The low profile design of floor mounted air conditioners make them a much more visually appealing choice for home climate control compared to bulky units mounted to walls. These units are small, thin and easy to clean around. 

Cons of a Floor Standing Air Conditioner

The main downsides to floor standing air conditioners include:

  • Slower performance – Due to the size and location of floor standing air conditioners, they generally take longer to get larger rooms to the desired temperature. 
  • Air circulation issues – Because these units are so low to the ground, their air flow sometimes suffers. Depending on the layout of your home, large pieces of furniture can affect the circulation of air around the room. 

Is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner as Powerful as Other Air Cons?

Residential floor-standing air conditioners are equally as powerful as their window-mounted counterparts, if not more so. Most floor standing air conditioners have a cooling capacity that ranges from 2.5 to 7 kWh, which would cool a room ranging from 10m2 to 65m2.

Depending on the brand and model you choose, their power will differ. However, when their task is to cool a small room, they get the job done. 

The various models of floor standing air conditioners will differ in power. Let’s look at Daikin air conditioners as an example. A Daikin floor standing air conditioner can have power between 2.5 and 7.1 kW/Hr. On the other hand, a Kelvinator window wall air conditioner only has power ranging from 1.6 to 6 kW/Hr.

The difference in the maximum output of the two air conditioners is due to their intended uses. Window wall air conditioners are designed for residences, small rooms, and office spaces, so come in much lower power ranges. On the other hand, most floor standing air conditioning units are designed for large spaces such as halls, meeting rooms, and other commercial establishments in addition to residential use. 


Is a Floor Standing Air Conditioner Better Than Wall Mounted?

A floor standing air conditioner is better than a wall mounted air conditioner in multiple scenarios, such as if your home has very high ceilings or is smaller and doesn’t have much wall space to dedicate to a large wall mounted unit. 

In terms of power, a floor standing air conditioner is not necessarily better than a wall-mounted unit. The style that will prove the most effective will depend wholly on the circumstances and purpose of its use. 

Wall-mounted air conditioners are still used more widely than floor standing air conditioners because they work in spaces with many obstructions. One of the most frequent criticisms of floor air conditioning units is that obstacles and obstructions can easily compromise the airflow on the floor. These could be in the form of furniture or appliances. This obstruction leads to an uneven distribution of cold air throughout the space being cooled.

Since most spaces have some form of obstructions that can get in the way of airflow, traditional wall mounted air conditioners are still the most widely used air conditioning system, especially among residences.

Can I Install a Floor Standing Air Conditioner Myself?

No, you should not install a floor standing air conditioner yourself, as it still requires electrical work. Floor console air conditioners still need an indoor and outdoor unit installed and wired up correctly by a trained technician. 

Installing an air conditioning unit yourself is illegal, will void your unit’s warranty, and can even damage the unit itself. You’ll need to hire a properly trained air conditioning installer to fit your floor standing air con according to Australian Standards.

When you hire a professional technician to install your floor standing air conditioning, they will also be able to help you decide which model and size will best suit your home. This means you can take the guesswork out of this process and rely on professional advice. 

Hiring a team like Alliance Climate Control to install your cooling system is the best choice. A professional team like this will walk you through the installation process and ensure you are completely satisfied before signing off. 

As a bonus, many professional technicians offer a warranty. For example, Alliance Climate Control provides a 5-year installation warranty on all their air conditioning installations. 

What Is the Best Floor Standing Air Conditioner?

We highly recommend Daikin floor standing air conditioner systems for residential and commercial use. There are a variety of models with different capabilities that suit everybody’s needs. 

Daikin Floor Standing units are known for the following:

  • Individual Control Allows for the operation of each unit independent of each other, enabling specific temperatures in rooms where it is needed.

  • Energy and Cost Savings Advanced heat pump and inverter technologies ensure the highest possible power efficiency, giving you great energy savings for a low-cost air conditioning option.

  • Better home heating – When using this unit to heat your home, the system only starts circulating air once it has reached the desired temperature. This helps avoid the dreaded cold draughts that plague other heaters in winter.

  • Cooling and heating capabilities – This unit is a year-long investment, as it can be used to heat your home during the cooler seasons and keep you cool during the hotter months. Having one small, affordable unit do all that is very convenient and a great financial investment.

  • Excellent air distribution – Using a design that has been refined for years, this unit has exceptional airflow distribution from a range of sides so that your room will be comfortable no matter where it is installed.

  • Cleaner, purified air – Daikin air conditioners use titanium apatite filters that drastically improve the filtration and purification of air circulated around your home that trap and remove particles and pollutants from the air.

  • Power range – Because no two homes are the same, Daikin produces their floor standing air conditioners in various kilowatt amounts. Starting at 2.5kW and with a max of 7.1kW, there’s something for every home. 

Learn more about Daikin air conditioning units

Floor Standing Air Conditioning FAQs

Does Floor Standing Air Conditioning Have an Outdoor Unit?

Yes, like a split system air conditioner, a floor standing air conditioner has an outdoor unit. The indoor and outdoor units work together like any split system unit, with the benefit of taking up less space in the home. 

How Is Floor Standing Air Conditioning Installed?

A floor air conditioner is installed by installing an outdoor unit and connecting it to a unit mounted on a lower wall inside the home. Because wall mounted air conditioners are lower to the ground and can be ‘hidden’ in recessed areas, they are easier and faster to install.

What’s the Difference Between a Floor Standing Air Conditioner and a Portable Air Conditioner?

A floor standing air conditioner is a permanent, installed air conditioning unit with an indoor and outdoor unit that cannot be moved, while a portable air conditioner is a less efficient unit that can be picked up and moved between rooms and homes as required. 

Do Floor Standing Air Conditioners Save Money?

Floor standing air conditioners are just as efficient as a split system and wall mounted air units, but because they are smaller and easier to install, you’ll likely save money on installation costs. Because these units are energy-efficient, you’ll also save money on operating costs compared to other cooling solutions. 

How Much Does a Floor Standing Air Conditioner Cost?

If you plan to purchase a floor standing unit from a reputable brand such as Daikin, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,699 to $3,400, including GST. However, floor standing air conditioners come in various models and styles, meaning the prices can vary greatly. 

Where Can I Buy Floor Standing Air Conditioning in Australia?

If you’re looking for a floor standing air conditioner, call the team at Alliance Climate Control. From choosing a model to installation, Alliance has several floor standing air conditioning options to choose from, with fast and affordable installations.


Interested in Floor Standing Air Conditioner Installation?

Alliance Climate Control is a Daikin Specialist Dealer in Sydney. We supply and install Daikin Floor Standing Air Conditioner systems in homes and commercial businesses across Sydney. 

One of our expert air con technicians can advise if floor standing air conditioning is suitable for your home. We always consider your property’s design and what type of air con will be most efficient and cost-effective. 

If floor mounted air con isn’t right for you, we offer a full range of air conditioning options, including traditional split-system air con, ducted air conditioning, and even evaporative cooling. When you choose Alliance Climate Control, you know you’ll be getting the right solution for your long-term cooling needs. 

Please call us on 1300 488 788 to book a free quote with an Alliance Climate Control technician.