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Everything You Need To Know About Floor Standing Air Conditioners

Goran Surbevski, Senior Installation HVAC Technician
With over 11 years of experience in all things HVAC, Goran is equipped with all the practical know-how and knowledge to provide you with a professional air conditioning solution to every home and business. Goran is active with training our technicians to make sure their techniques are safe and up to date with the latest technology. Like many of our team members, Goran leads a healthy lifestyle with regular swimming and walking. He also enjoys searching for his next vegan foodie cafe.


Are you limited on wall space in your home, yet you want to install an air conditioner? Do not worry, it is now possible to install a floor air conditioner to help with all of your cooling and heating needs. This type of air conditioner is also called a floor console or a floor standing air conditioner.

Usually, the air conditioner unit is installed on the wall or a ducting system is used which goes through the roof space. However, increasingly property owners are preferring to install a floor standing air conditioner for their rooms for a variety of reasons.

What is a floor standing AC unit? How do they work?

A floor standing air conditioner unit is similar to the conventional split air-conditioner. The main difference is that it is mounted on the floor or very close to the floor. In some cases, if the floor is recessed, the air conditioner can be placed on it. In other cases, it can be placed below the window. Compared to other air-conditioners, this style of AC unit is compact in size. The air-con unit is similar to other air-conditioners in design and it works identical to a wall-mounted system. It has a filtration unit for removing the dust particles, turbofan, refrigerant and compressor for cooling & heating. Some units have auto-swing louvres to adjust the direction of the cooling.


When to use a floor mounted air conditioner?

A floor-mounted console is often used when it is not possible to install the indoor unit of a standard air conditioner which normally is mounted on the wall. This is often due to limited space on the walls or even in the last few decades many buildings have glass walls and large windows. So, installing a split wall unit is not possible in such cases and that is where a floor console is preferred.

There are some rooms and areas where the wall is difficult to access. While in other areas, the ceilings are low or angled, leaving very little space for a split wall system installation.

In many homes, the wall is used to display artwork such as paintings or other items of decor. Installing a split air conditioner on the wall will affect the appearance and décor of your home. Therefore, in these cases, a floor-mounted system is preferred, since it can be placed in any corner of the room and serve the same purpose.

Do they work as well as other types of air conditioners?

Though the exact specifications of the floor standing air conditioners will vary between different brands, these systems are similar in design and function to most split systems. Many have louvres which can be rotated to the specified angle for cooling or heating.

They have vents in the top or bottom or both sides for the cold air to be produced in the unit. The auto swing feature ensures that the cold air is distributed evenly in all areas of the room. These units can be controlled using an inverter to reduce the power consumption by up to 30%. Remote control with LCD display is usually supplied with the AC unit so that it can be controlled remotely. The power consumption of the unit can also be adjusted by allowing you to choose the right model for each condition.

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