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The Advantages Of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

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Why you should consider a reverse cycle air conditioning system

For those of us lucky enough to live in Australia, it’s easy to take for granted just how great the weather is here. We have long Summers, that can admittedly get pretty hot. We also enjoy short Winters, but even during the short Winter season we have, it can get quite chilly at times. This is why a reverse cycle air conditioner is such a great choice for us. It works extremely well at cooling a home during the Summer, and it works equally as well warming a house during the Winter.

After you learn about the advantages of a reverse cycle system you’ll probably understand why more and more people are choosing to have them installed in their homes. So, if you are planning to install or replace your existing air-cooling system.

  • It is capable of effectively warming a home without having to use gas or heating elements to create warm air. Instead of this very inefficient process of creating warm air, a reverse cycle air conditioner harvests warm air from outside and brings it into your home.
  • They can be set to cool a home instead of heat it by simply flipping a switch. When set to cool they pull warm air from the inside of your home and push it outside. Once again, there is no need to actually create cold air, instead hot air is removed. One of the advantages of a reverse cycle air conditioning system is that it is capable of cooling your home in a more natural way than a traditional air conditioner does. Without the need for refrigerant, and with far less power needed to run, a reverse cycle air conditioning unit is much better or the environment than a traditional air conditioner is.


Reverse cycle air conditioner is extremely efficient

Even if you take the environmental impact out of the equation, the extreme efficiency of a reverse cycle air conditioner is still something you should appreciate because it will save you money.

It’s simple really, a reverse cycle air conditioner runs on very little electricity. Since it uses little electricity its impact on your electric bill will be less than a traditional air conditioner, which means a lower bill for you.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are adaptable and flexible

Everyone that has ever lived in a hot climate is familiar with the on/off cycles of a traditional air conditioner. You can hear the unit turn on, run for a while, then it clicks off. When the thermostat detects the temperature rising, it turns back on. This is not a very efficient way to cool a home. On the other hand, reverse cycle air conditioners don’t turn on and off, it simply turns up and down depending on how hard it has to work at a given time to cool your home.

When utilized effectively, air conditioning systems can make any condition feel lovely and agreeable. What’s more, with the above tips, you can diminish your energy charges and be more eco-accommodating in the meantime.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are more efficient than portable heaters

A portable heater may seem like a good idea because the up-front cost is fairly minimal when compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner. But, a portable heater will generally cost quite a bit more to run than a reverse cycle air conditioner, so over time you probably won’t end up saving money. Plus, portable heaters are usually only designed to heat small areas, so if you opt to use them for your home you are going to have to buy several of them.

You only pay once

One of the advantages of a 

    reverse cycle air conditioning

system that you should really appreciate is that it saves you money starting from the day you have it installed. Instead of paying twice, once for a heater and once for an air conditioner, with a reverse cycle air conditioner you only pay once. 

Reverse cycle air conditioners are quiet

A traditional air conditioner not only uses a lot of electricity, but it’s also very loud. Sure, your house is getting cooled down, but you are paying for it. You are paying for it with a higher electric bill, and also with all of the noise that you constantly have to put up with. On the other hand, it is much quieter to run, so you can enjoy your peace and quiet.

Reverse cycle air conditioner purifies the air

Most of them have a built-in filter which means that in addition to cooling or warming your home, they also clean the air. This is especially beneficial for anyone that suffers from any type of chronic respiratory issues like asthma or hay fever.

How can we help you for reverse cycle air conditioner system?

It’s important to select the right reverse cycle split air conditioner system for your needs, either at home or at your business and we can help select the best system for your needs.

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We can also provide sales support and back up service, second to none that will keep your system operating at its optimum level for many years helping you to endure many long hot summers & cold winter.

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