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Getting The Right Air Conditioner Installer For Your Place

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Why should you only hire licensed or certified technicians?

Now you have decided to install an air conditioner to your house, the next biggest decision is to find a reputable air conditioner installer.

Many air conditioner installation companies profess to have wide experience and state they can install any brand, however, a quick look at a few criteria, even before they begin responding to your enquiry, might save some you a lot of time and money.


For any installer to be creditable, they should:

  • Employ licensed or certified-trained technicians.
  • Have experience installing and servicing all major brands of air conditioners, particularly the brand you prefer.
  • Provide after installation support, inspection and maintenance services.
  • Stock a wide range of back up spare parts.

Many companies or lone operators offer cheaper rates or “special prices” on an all-up installation but if the system is not installed properly or if by an unlicensed operator, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty. Frequently, these companies complete the install then you don’t hear from them again plus if they cause any property damage or injury to themselves or members of your family during installation, this may result in your legal liability.

Alliance Climate Control take great pride in professionally installing and maintaining the best quality air conditioner brands. Alliance Climate Control technicians are highly trained and experienced in installations of all types of residential and commercial systems, provide after sales care and maintenance services and they are backed by a large spare parts facility.

Always make sure the technician visits in person to properly assess the site

When you contact a prospective air conditioner installer they may attempt to take your order over the phone, without seeing your house or its surroundings. In the case of any air conditioner installation, it’s very important for the installer to appreciate the design of your home and surroundings, to understand the installation requirements; it also gives you an impression of their professionalism.

There are many important facts that can only be verified by visually inspecting the site, including the natural air flow of the house design and in which direction most of the living areas face. Building materials used in the roof and walls, type of insulation, number of glassed openings are also important points to consider in a system installation, not forgetting changing climatic conditions of summer and winter and the prevailing wind direction in each seasonal cycle.

All of these factors exert an influence on the heat load of your home and your level of comfort, including trees and other vegetation around your house. If these factors are not assessed correctly, it’s unlikely the air conditioner you purchase will be installed correctly and your purchase unlikely to provide the comfortable living spaces you desire.

Which brand should you choose to have installed?

By this time in your research, you will probably have settled on a particular type of air conditioner or even a brand that meets your criteria. This point might help in your search for a reputable air conditioner installer.

It always makes good sense to put those installers who are exclusive dealers or distributors for any of the major brands of air conditioners at the top of your short list, especially if that brand is the one you prefer.

Firstly, they will have the support of the manufacturer, receiving up-to-date information about new developments and operating features of their air conditioner systems. In addition, their technicians will be trained in and as part of all new product launches, receiving additional information, pertaining specifically to their product range.

Finally, as a Dealer or Distributor, they will be obliged to carry a full range of support parts and service capabilities as directed by the manufacturer. To ensure they maximise on the investment of maintaining their dealership status, they will also focus on after sales care and maintenance to make sure they keep you satisfied with all your future air conditioning needs, whether that be regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning or system repairs or replacements.

Research your short list of installers

Once you have selected a short list of potential installers, research their public reviews on social media channels. Alliance Climate Control seek and maintain customer viewpoints and publish these for all potential clients to read and understand the high level of service that is provided, both at the time of sale and during all our following maintenance programs.

Important points of a website operated by any air conditioner installer will include:

  • History and company structure. Perhaps they might highlight some installation projects they consider were more difficult or challenging.
  • Their visible dedication to installation services and support back up. If they employ sub-contractors to complete installations on their behalf, it’s unlikely full warehouse parts support will be provided. It’s important trained technicians are available with knowledge, experience and parts support to install your preferred system.
  • It’s also important to provide maintenance services to keep your system in its optimum condition. Cleaning and inspection of your installed air conditioner should also be a critical part of any installers activity and will be evident on their website.
  • Accessibility is also an important facet. Alliance Climate Control technicians are in contact with home base through radio contact and can respond to your enquiry at a moment’s notice

If considering finance, look at the options

If considering finance for your air conditioner system, there may be many options to help such as extended interest free payment terms, deferred payments or cash back offers.

A company like Alliance Climate Control has the ability and backing of major brands to help air conditioning installation finance your major air conditioner acquisition allowing you to dedicate limited financial resources to other important needs while you enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned home.

Discuss your air conditioner purchase and installation with Alliance Climate Control through our finance partner, you may also be eligible for other discounts or a low interest loan.

Alliance Climate Control inspection programs will help maintain your system in tip-top condition under an ongoing maintenance plan. You don’t even need to call us, we can set up a pre-programmed visit and you can just sit back and let it happen.

Alliance Climate Control lead the field and have installed and supported cooling and heating systems in the Sydney metro area since 2012. Call us now to see how we can help increase the value of your home and maintain your comfort and investment, while allowing your money to work for your advantage.

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