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Company Covid-19 Update July 2021

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Is Alliance Climate Control operating under the current restrictions?

Our company and the services we provide are deemed as essential. With this, we will continue to attend customer appointments for heating, cooling, and electrical requirements.

Do the Covid-19 restrictions affect Alliance Climate Control operations?

As an essential service, we will continue to help customers with heating, cooling, and electrical requirements.

Does Alliance Climate Control have a Covid-19 risk assessment plan?

Yes. We are registered with a Covid-Safe tick and have a thorough risk assessment plan in place.

How is Alliance Climate Control minimising Covid-19 transmission?

Our vehicles are equipped with face masks, hand sanitiser, gloves, and hospital-grade disinfectant (Aeris-Active) which has proven to be effective in cleaning and protecting hard surfaces from Covid-19. To protect you and our team, we have:

  • Strengthened our already stringent hygiene measures
  • Technicians are using latex gloves on every service call
  • Implemented a strict no handshaking policy
  • Wiping down work areas with disinfectant daily
  • Staff are required to work from home where possible
  • Sanitisation on all Air-Conditioning systems on every service call
  • Management, Supervisors, Team leaders, has completed and are certified with the ‘Infection Control Training – Covid-19’ online course


Why Alliance implemented the Zero-Contact Policy and its importance?

The purpose and goal of the Zero-Contact Policy is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers. This is our #1 priority. We want to be able to keep providing the same standard of service no matter what challenges may present themselves.

What does the Zero-Contact Policy involve:

  • Office staff are working from home, each set up with a home office including company computers and our state-of-the-art phone system
  • Service teams dispatch to site straight from home
  • Installation teams are dispatched one truck a time from our outdoor dispatch area
  • Zero-Contact dispatch process implemented with only one truck at a time permitted in the dispatch area
  • All staff meetings to be held via Zoom
  • No staff other than warehouse personal permitted to enter the warehouse with safe zoning applied
  • No shaking hands
  • Delivery drivers to leave all parcels in front of the warehouse and signatures are not currently being provided

How does the Zero-Contact Policy affect work being conducted at my home?

As a business providing essential services, we will continue to carry out heating, cooling and electrical requirements to our customers. However, we have implemented new procedures to protect both our staff and customer’s health and safety.

  • Technicians will be wearing masks, gloves and practising social distancing
  • Implemented a strict no handshaking policy
  • No-touch, zero-contact digital authorisation system for client approval/sign-off via SMS message directly to field technician
  • Quotes, information and presentation to be completed in open, outdoor areas
  • Technicians to enter the home, only when required to carry out work

These processes have been put in place to ensure social distancing are being practised at all times. Furthermore, we want our customers to feel safe, protected and secure knowing they don’t need to physically be in the same room as the technician to get the installation or service completed.


What can I do to minimise me and my family’s risk and maximise our health?
To increase your Indoor Air Quality and safeguard you against airborne bacteria and microscopic germs, we have a variety of anti-bacterial and virus cleaning options available to you.

How do we get in contact with CSR, Accounts, or management?

In regard to getting in touch, the process remains for customers to contact staff members via the phone. Each team member has been set up with a home office, this includes company computers and our state-of-the-art phone systems. This allows us to operate in the same way as if we were still in the office.