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Air conditioner not working properly? It may be time to replace your ducts

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I often talk about the importance of cleaning and maintaining your air conditioning unit. That’s simply because the costs you are hit with and the health issues you experience when you delay cleaning your air conditioning system are significant.

Here, one of the most overlooked parts of your unit is, undoubtedly, the ducts that carry the cool or warm air from the central unit to your rooms. Just because your ducts are out of sight, hidden away under the floor or in the attic, doesn’t mean you can let it out of your mind.

These components of your air conditioning unit require regular maintenance, repairs, and even replacement. When your ducts are neglected, your unit won’t work efficiently and you will feel the brunt of it – physically and financially.

So, which signs indicate that the ducting in your cooling or heating system needs some TLC? What can you do about damaged ducts? Find out more in this post.

Is it time to replace your ducts?

If you have an air conditioning system in your home, keep an eye out for the following signs even if you’ve committed to regular unit maintenance.

Your cooling or heating system is very noisy

Most central heating systems and air conditioning are placed outside your home. In the event you hear an alarming noise coming from the outlet grills or extreme vibration, it could be because of your ducts.

In Australia, ductwork is made using flexible plastic and is connected using plastic or fibreglass joints. If these joints are damaged, you may hear a rattling or whistling sound. If the ducts have holes, you may also hear a certain whistling noise when air is circulated throughout your home.

Your energy bills are high

Damaged ducts mean there is a lot of air escaping without reaching your rooms. When a considerable amount of air escapes, your rooms won’t be as cool as you want them to be.

This inefficiency, caused by faulty ducts, will force you to consume more energy without the resulting increase in comfort. The more you postpone taking care of your ducts, the more money you will waste on energy that you aren’t using efficiently.

You are experiencing poor airflow and cooling performance

Damaged ducts can’t work at full capacity, decreasing your ability to keep your home cool and comfortable. When this happens, you will experience a drop in airflow and the performance your system is otherwise capable of.

If you’ve had your air conditioning system cleaned recently, the only explanation for these issues is that your system is being plagued by damaged ducting.

In certain cases, it may be likely that you need to get your ducts replaced to go back to enjoying complete comfort and energy efficiency.

Your family is experiencing unexplainable health issues

Dirt, dust, pet dander, and dead skin particles can get trapped in your ducting, resulting in a build-up of dirt and mould.

This can pollute the air that your air conditioning system is pumping through the ducts. The result is that you and your family breathe in this polluted air, which can cause a range of health issues like chronic coughing, throat irritation, itchiness, wheezing, breathing difficulties, and skin issues.

Replace your ducts without delay to enjoy an efficient cooling system

If you’ve noticed these signs in your home or office, avoid wasting money, your energy, and compromising your health by looking into your ducts.

At Alliance Climate Control, we take ductwork replacement and repairs very seriously. Our team of expert technicians will evaluate the issues you are facing and will do the needful. Replace or repair your air ducts and enjoy improved air quality and hygiene in your space.

Call 02 8061 5023 to schedule your appointment and extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Maintain a happy, healthy and energising living or working environment.