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Benefits Of Replacing Your Air Conditioning System

Jake Perri, Service HVAC Technician
With over 6 years of experience in HVAC service and repairs, Jake understands the air conditioning inside-out. He is skilled in diagnostics and loves explaining all-things air conditioning. On the weekends, Jake coaches for under 14s junior rugby league – Campbeltown Warriors. He also enjoys a good chat about the West Tigers – Jake’s favourite NRL team.

Increased technology & decreased operating costs

As technology advances, more energy efficient systems are created. The older your system, the less energy efficient your system is, because the technology just wasn’t around when you had it installed. With a more efficient unit, you will be saving yourself money as the operating costs will be lower while your system will be achieving better results.


Renovations & additions

Have you recently done renovations, particularly additions, or are planning to do so? Your same heating/cooling unit may not be able to properly function and cover these new areas. Both over and under sized units may run constantly, leading to poor humidity control and premature failure. An undersized unit will be ineffective at properly heating/cooling all of your spaces to your desired temperature, particularly those furthest from the unit. When thinking about doing home renovations, be sure to keep in mind the potential necessity of a new ducted unit to maintain your homes temperature.

Repair vs replacement costs

Installing a new system can be a high upfront cost, but allow for reduced savings due to the increased energy efficiency. Further, the repair costs of your current unit, may outweigh the investment of a new system. Depending on the age of your unit, the parts that may need fixing may be obsolete or high in costs due to specificity/rarity, so upgrading to a new system helps to ensure you are not throwing good money at a no longer good unit.


Some questions to consider

  • Is your unit 12+ years old?
  • Have you conducted less than two repairs in the last ten years or three major repairs?
  • Do you have high energy costs? 
  • Is your unit producing strange noises?
  • Do you need constant service visits?
  • Have your recent repairs been minor or extensive?
  • Is the cost of these repairs over 50% of the cost of a new unit? 
  • Is your unit short cycling (turning itself off randomly)?
  • Does your system have rust damage issues?
  • Do you have the right system size for your home?

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