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Are You Protected Against A Surge?

What, whether will be like


A power surge is an increase in voltage that is significantly above the designated level in a flow of electricity. For example, in a normal household or an office the standard voltage may be 240volts. A lighting strike can generate overvoltage that is much higher than this.

These power surges (also referred to as glitches, spikes or transients) are a major cause of data loss and electronic equipment failures. Additionally, they can cause damage which significantly reduces the lifespan of your electrical devices.

What appliances can be affected?

All items that have a microprocessor are at risk during a power surge. This includes items like:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers/Dryers
  • Heating & cooling equipment
  • Ovens
  • Alarm systems
  • Telephones

It is amazing how many items in our households actually need to be protected from an electrical surge. If an electrical surge were to occur today, how much money would you stand to lose?

How can I protect my appliances?

It is a wise decision to be prepared before the next electrical surge hits your home. ONE surge protector would protect your entire house! Not only your electrical devices and appliances but also your power lines, cables and telephone lines.

Surge protection devices are used to safeguard your home’s appliances against a spike in electrical currents. Such spikes can be caused by lightning strikes, faulty internal wiring, transference of electrical loads or other external and internal events.

For example, in the case of a lightning strike, the surge diverter captures the voltage spikes in the wiring that would otherwise be transferred into your home’s electrical equipment or appliances, possibly frying your computer or TV as it does.

Imagine losing all those important documents you’ve been working on or all of your family photos which are stored on your computer. Installing a surge diverter will ensure that this never happens!

Protect yourself at the source by installing a surge protection device today!

5 reasons why we love whole house surge protectors

  1. The protect electronics we are addicted to
    We rely heavily on electronics for everything. From communicating with each other and checking the weather to preparing meals and keeping our clothes cleaned. In order to operate, all of these devices (even your home’s LED lights) use electronic circuit boards, which can be highly sensitive to power surges.
  2. Power surges occur more often than you think
    For far less than the cost of one of your major appliances (and many of your smaller ones), you can protect every electronic device in your home. You simply can’t afford to not protect your home with a whole house surge protector.
  3.  Protection cost outweigh replacement costs
    Most people associate power surges with lightning strikes. However, many things both outside and inside the home can cause them. Outside the home, events such as power outages and power transitions and inside the home something as simple as switching o pool pumps or your air conditioning system.
  4. They’ve got you totally covered
    A whole-house surge protector prevents damage not only to your larger electronic appliances but also to every outlet and electronic device in your home. This offers protection for everything, from your laptop to your exercise machine!
  5. They come highly recommended
    Surge protection devices are regulated and recommended under the NSW Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2004 and fall under the Australian standard AS/NZS 3000:2018



External Protection – This is designed to reduce externally generated surges before they enter the house through the powerline.



Internal Protection (Outlet Protectors) – The purpose of using outlet protectors indoors is to reduce surges inside the house and other stray surges such as from air conditioners cycling on and off. It is important to have sensitive electronics such as computers, stereos and TV’s plugged into some type of outlet protector with a cable or phone in-out connection.


Whole house surge protection

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