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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

Temperzone Water Cooled Package Units

Temperzone are dedicated to pioneering innovative new technologies which make installation a breeze and provide perfect comfort all year round.

The sky’s the limit with Temperzone water-cooled systems

When buildings head skyward, only Temperzone’s water-cooled air conditioning system have what it takes to meet your climate control challenges.

A key fixture of many CBD high-rise developments throughout Oceania and Asia, our innovative water-cooled units are more reliable, economical, flexible, and environmentally friendly than most air-cooled alternatives.

While other systems struggle to deliver as the floors stack up, our technology has been engineered to deliver optimum performance in multi story buildings particularly those exceeding 15-storeys.


Why water-cooled units lead the way up high

Temperzone’s water-cooled technology combines the benefits of a water-cooled condenser with an air-cooled evaporator, delivering a level of performance that air-cooled units can’t.

Available in capacities from 3.5kW to 101.6kW, they’re also designed to run on individual power sources, eliminating the need to install expensive central plants. And because they’re designed to fit into virtually any internal space or cavity, they’re ideal for high-rise buildings that prohibit the use of balcony units.

Temperzone water-cooled systems can play a central role in developing a sustainable energy strategy or energy upgrade for any building.

Type of water cooled units:

  • Horizontal Wall Cooled Package
  • Vertical Water Cooled Package
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Features and Benefits include


EC fans CWP 63~178.


CWP 217~568.


CWP 890 & 1030.


With EC fan technology air balancing is simple.


External controller can easily be connected through relay terminals.


Advanced powder coating ensures sheet metal life and provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


All models have a standard top supply air configuration however some larger models have an option for back supply air.


CWP 60 ~ 178 models are available as cooling only with electric heaters. Heaters have double high temperature safeties.


All HWP units are available made to order as cooling only.


All HWP units are available as reverse cycle for projects that require heating from the water loop.


Units are available in knock down form for difficult to access plant rooms.


Simple access to compressors and heat exchangers.

Customer Care

Temperzone Customer Care is designed to deliver the highest level of support and accessibility to all our customers. This program provides factory trained technicians with the ability to resolve issues on-site, significantly reducing guesswork from commissioning.

With Temperzone products continually evolving to provide higher levels of efficiency, control and protection we want our customers to have the comfort of knowledge that Temperzone will be there right along-side them for the entire product life cycle.

Temperzone offers a wide range of training courses in application, service and commissioning.

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Why Choose Temperzone?

Experts in Air Conditioning

As specialists, air conditioning is all we do. We take pride in designing products that provide clean, efficient, and superior comfort in the places we live, work and play.

Australian Owned

Locally operated, we are a private company with temperzone Australia pty ltd Head Office based in Sydney.

Manufactured local

Manufacturing quality air conditioning products from our factories in Sydney and Auckland sent around the world.

Specialist Dealer Network

Strong dealer network, Temperzone is available through our Specialist Dealer network, who will assess, plan and install the right air conditioning solution for your home.


Quality After Care Support

There are over 500 temperzone employees across the group. Dedicated after sales support team will ensure the long term durability and keep your Temperzone running smoothly for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best air conditioning system on the market?

The best air conditioner in the market is entirely based on your preference and your home’s requirement.


What size do you need?


How much will it cost to run?


What is the initial installation costs?


Our technicians know and understand air conditioning systems from a large variety of brands. We are authorised dealers of many leading air conditioning brands such as Daikin, Actron Air, Fujitsu, Brivis, Mitsubishi and more. This means that our technicians are qualified to assess, plan and install the most suitable air conditioning solution for you in your home or business. Plus, we also receive exclusive deals and competitions directly from each brand on all their air conditioning systems.


Most importantly, we receive regular and specialised training to make sure our installations are picture-perfect and industry leading.

What type of air conditioning system is right for my home?

There are several factors to figure out what the best air conditioning system is most suitable for your home.


These includes:


  • Your budget
  • Functionality of the AC
  • Any allergies/respiratory concerns
  • The amount of rooms
  • The size of the rooms


Our air conditioning technician can provide you with a complimentary, obligation-free quote to identify the best air conditioning for your home or business. This includes a heat load calculation, space inspection, and efficiency study.

Why do I need to service my aircon, it's just a filter clean?

IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT” - You've heard this saying before, correct? This philosophy doesn’t apply to mechanical devices that can actually breakdown, like your air conditioner.


AC maintenance should be done every year around the same time and not on a ‘need basis’. This is the best way to keep malfunctions and costly repairs at shore. If you neglect your air conditioner system and skip maintenance, much like your regular dental check-ups, there is a higher chance of it breaking down early or needing major repairs.


Often more than half of your energy bills comes from heating and cooling appliances, so it only makes sense to keep your air conditioning working efficiently as possible. In fact, research found that proper and regular maintenance of your air conditioner improves efficiency and reduces energy bills by up to 35%. Plus, most importantly, you and your family will be breathing in consistently health and fresh air circulated from the system.


Senior HVAC Technician Josh - "An air conditioning service is not just a filter clean. It is a full system health check and maintenance covering the indoor unit, outdoor unit and interconnecting services. We strip, clean and inspect each part of the system then test and record all the data on a health report sheet for future reference. The idea is to get the system running as efficiently and clean as possible to save the customer money on running costs and improve the hygiene in their home."

Why do you need to a heat load calculation before my installation quote?

In any room, heat comes from many different sources – computers, machineries, lighting and us, the humans that reside in it. Plus, the sun beaming onto the building, open doors and windows, or areas of leakage in the building can all allow heat to travel into the room. The sum of all these heat sources in Kilowatts tells us the heat load. We use the heat load calculation to identify the air conditioning size needed for your home. The AC’s output must be larger than the heat load/heat gain in your home for the AC to work effetively.

Is there an after-care service?

We do have an after-care maintenance agreement which comes in three and five years where your air conditioning’s recommended yearly maintenance is sorted.


This annual service will make sure that the effective functioning of your system is maintained.


Plus, when you sign up for the maintenance program you will also be entitled to an extended warranty on the installation.

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