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Want cleaner, healthier indoor air? Detox and clean the air in your home with air conditioning UV light. 

A quick and simple installation is all it takes to turn your air conditioner into a virus killer with a UV light air purifier. UV-C light can remove up to 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from your home or office without harsh chemicals. 

UV technology offers a practical solution for indoor air quality problems, including:

  • Bad air con odours 
  • Bacteria & viruses
  • Allergens in air-con
  • Germs in AC ductwork
  • Unhealthy HVAC systems 

UVC air purifiers are increasingly popular in Sydney as people become more aware of the importance of clean air. It’s a simple, long-lasting and chemical-free solution to keep your indoor air healthy to breathe. 

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we are the local air conditioning specialists you can trust to install a UV light air purifier properly. Our UV technology is suitable for split systems, ducted air conditioning systems, and commercial HVAC installation. 

As Sydney’s experts in indoor air quality, Alliance Climate Control has the experience and knowledge to recommend the right purifier for your needs. 

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What Is an Air Conditioner
UV Light Purifier?

A UV light air purifier is a device that attaches to your home’s air conditioning unit and activates when the air conditioner runs. It uses a special kind of ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants in the air. 

When active, the UV light air purifier emits a bright blue light. The purifier will continue to emit light until the air is clean, at which point it will turn off automatically.

UV lights reduce and eliminate DNA-based airborne contaminants, which helps to prevent allergies, asthma attacks, illness and other respiratory conditions. It’s an affordable solution that doesn’t require ongoing maintenance, so you can enjoy clean air for years.

They are often used in homes with allergy or asthma sufferers, as they can help to improve air quality and reduce symptoms. UV light air purifiers are even used in hospitals to kill airborne pathogens!

Put simply: it’s a safe, cost-effective and chemical-free way to purify and sanitise your air conditioning system. 

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Cm3 certification is a Work Health & Safety (WHS) prequalification system. Being Cm3 certified, means our business has demonstrated the highest-level health and safety capabilities as well as having the right insurances and licences to protect our customers. Using a Cm3 certified technician is crucial to ensuring you and your project are in safe and protected hands.

Why Install UV Light in my
Air Conditioner or HVAC System?

With cold, damp cavities in the unit, air conditioning systems are the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. 


Even with a high-quality air filter regularly cleaned and replaced, air conditioners can still accumulate mould and pathogens. The dust and pet dander that naturally accumulates in your air conditioner provides the perfect environment for dangerous mould and bacteria to grow. 


Even if you’re cleaning your air filter every month, you’ll still find that the inside of your air conditioner harbours a lot of nasty germs and spores. All this is circulated in the home or office when your air conditioner is running. 


UV-C air conditioner purifiers are the perfect solution to this problem. These devices are compact and efficient and can easily eradicate bacteria growth without posing a health risk to you and your family. 

Air conditioner UV light purifiers are a terrific way to improve the air quality in your home. They are relatively affordable and quick to install. If you want to clean your air without chemicals, a UV light air purifier is the way to go.

We are Sydney’s UV light air purifier experts at Alliance Climate Control. We stock a wide range of UV light air purifiers for all types of air conditioners, and we can help you find the perfect one for your home. 

For more information or to book an installation appointment, call us today.


Key Benefits Of UV Light


Fights biological contamination
on air conditioning


Improves indoor air quality

Maintain a clean air conditioning free from mould, biofilm and microbial growth


Prevents mould and
microbial growth


Keeps blower wheel clean

UV light reduces virus spread, airborne allergens, mould and germs


Extends your air conditioning’s life​


Saves energy and increases efficiency

What Is UV (UV-C)?

UV-C is one of the three different wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Compared to UV-A and UV-B, it has the most potent germ-killing properties and the shortest wavelength. 


The unique properties of UVC light make it the best choice for killing mould, viruses and bacteria. That’s why almost all UV light air purifiers utilise the UV-C wavelength for sterilising and purifying. 

Research shows that UVC light can deactivate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria, including influenza A, Staphylococcus albus and SARS-COV-2 – the Covid-19 virus

Despite being the strongest of the three UV wavelengths, UV-C radiation is safe when used correctly. It is commonly found as a way of killing bacteria in the food, medical, and healthcare industries. Now, this technology can be harnessed in your home or business as an AC unit purifier. 

These purifiers are so cost-effective and efficient that it won’t be long until every home in New South Wales has a UV air purifier. Our technicians even install these devices in their home air conditioning systems.  

We have extensive experience installing UV light air purifiers here at Alliance Climate Control. We are confidently installing UV light air purifiers in homes all over Sydney. 

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Is My Air Conditioner Compatible with a UV Light Air Purifier?

Getting a UV light air purifier is an excellent addition to any home climate control system. Most air conditioners are compatible with a UV light purifier, including Australia’s leading brands, like Daikin. 

UV light comes in different designs to suit the tightest spaces, regardless of air-con style and brand. It can be suitable for:

  • Wall-mounted split systems 
  • Cassette air conditioners
  • Floor-mounted units
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • HVAC systems 

However, it is essential to check if your specific model is compatible. An Alliance Climate Control technician can let you know if you can install a UVC air purifier in your home or business. 

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we install UV light air purifiers in all types of air conditioners, so we can inspect your system, let you know if it’s compatible, and carry out installation if required. 

To book your assessment and quote, call Alliance Climate Control today. 

Why Do I Need a UV Light for my Air Conditioner?

If you have an air conditioner or HVAC system, you may be interested in installing a UV light air purifier. Here are some of the many benefits UV filtering can provide: 

  • Affordability – UV light air purifiers are relatively affordable to buy and have installed. A one-time UV light air purifier purchase will deliver long-term savings regarding maintenance and running costs. 
  • Quick Installation – A licensed technician can install most UV light air purifiers in less than an hour. You’ll be enjoying clean, allergen-free air in no time.
  • Chemical-Free – Unlike other air purifiers, UV light air purifiers do not use harsh chemicals, making them safe for you and your family.
  • Improved Air Quality – One of the main benefits of a UV light air purifier is improving air quality. You’ll be breathing cleaner air throughout your home or business.
  • Prevents Mould Growth – UV light air purifiers can help to prevent mould growth in the air conditioner. This is a great way to keep your home healthy and free from mould spores.
  • Less Cleaning Required – UV light air purifiers help keep the air clean, meaning your air conditioner and ductwork stays cleaner. 

Call us today for more information or to get your UV light air purifier installed.

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UVC Air Purifier
Installation Sydney

A UV light air purifier is the perfect combination of technology and nature. These purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants in the air. 

A UV light air purifier can help kill mould and other contaminants in your air conditioning system, improving indoor air quality. Installation is fast and affordable, and the benefits will last for years. 

As your local air conditioning specialist, we take pride in helping clients improve the air quality in their homes with the newest and most effective technology available. Our goal is to help improve airflow and air quality in homes around Sydney, and a UV light air purifier is a great way to do just that.

At Alliance Climate Control, our experienced technicians can install your UVC purifier quickly and easily, so you can start enjoying the benefits of clean, healthy air. 

Call the team at Alliance Climate Control today to book an appointment. 

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Liam came to do a service on a system previously installed by Alliance. Liam was polite and professional. A credit to the business.Thankyou.
Our airconditioner had stopped working. I contacted Alliance and the first available appointment was a week out. The booker offered to make our's a priority call and if any cancellations occurred to move our service up. I was very pleasantly... surprised that mechanism worked and we got an appointment 2 days earlier. Also turned out to be one of the hottest days of this summer. Our system has a MyAir system in front of a Daikin ducted system and we suspected the MyAir control tablet as the root cause of the failure. Hamioc from Alliance checked out the Daikin system and gave it the all clear. I expected him to stop at that point. Instead he went the extra mile and suggested he could temporarily cable in the Daikin Controller screen as a workaround until our MyAir controller system could be replaced. This all worked and to our great pleasure our aircon is up and running on this very hot day. Hamioc and Alliance provided an excellent service.read more
Nice job fairly complex and done well, thanks to BJ, Mahran, Kim& Chris on site & Goran for quoting & Zali & Shannon from head office, thanks guy’s appreciate the effort everyone made.Cheers Brian
Fantastic fuss free install from Nam and his team. Minimal interruptions, mess cleaned up and were very courteous and professional
Great experience! All the staff are extremely professional. It’s obvious the company has invested a lot into tech and their process to give a great customer experience. Special mention to Gabriel, BJ and Zac for their help!
The whole purchase process and installation procedure were dealt with in a very professional and courteous manner. At all times we were advised about what was going to happen and the finished result met our expectation.
A good experience from start to finish! From the clear, well-explained options and process by Jake to the prompt, professional installation by Kevin, Andre, Adam and Dragan, it all ran like clockwork. And the air cons are working beautifully too!... Thank you!read more
Very engaging, helpful and professional service
Great service and detail
Got my brand new slimline Daikin installed. The whole installation went like clockwork, tidy and neat and no stress at all. Big thanks for the professional work ethic and communication from BJ, Peter the electrician, Mahran and Kim.
Liam was extremely helpful and professional completing our service.
Really great experience with Alliance Climate Control’s team. From my first call to book in an inspection and quote, through to the installation. Great communication, and care taken to ensure the air con meets the needs and challenges of our... apartment. The team who did the installation were particularly great - efficient, tidy, and clearly explained how to use and care for the unit. Would highly recommend.read more
The Alliance team of Kevin, Andre and Dragan arrived on time and completed the heater installation work promptly and efficiently. The guys were cheerful, friendly and courteous. They worked effectively to overcome any obstacles found during the job.... They were careful about cleaning up after the job and ensuring we were able to understand the operation and the follow on maintenance arrangements. Same comments apply to Tim who came during the installation and looked after the gas fitting work.Thanks Tim, Kevin, Andre and Dragan for a job well done.read more
Great service. Shannon & Zac made the arrangements. Liam did the quote. BJ, Mahran and Kim did the installation. Very efficient. On time, friendly and cleaned up properly.
Absolute professionals in their craft, you will be making the best choice by selecting Alliance Climate Control. We had multiple air conditioning companies quote for the work and Alliance were the only company to come up with an imaginative,... practical and clever solution for our air conditioning needs. Why were Alliance the only company to come up with this solution?, well that is simple, Alliances solution was the most difficult solution for an air conditioning company to complete. In an environment where demand outstrips supply, trades can name their price and pick their jobs (the easy ones). That is not the situation with Alliance they want to make the customer satisfied, by giving you the best air conditioning experience possible, even if it makes their life more difficult.From the quoting call by James, to Zac organising the job, through to BJ and the team completing a challenging install, never once asking to change to an easy solution and working tirelessly to deliver a quality product, it was the best experience I have ever had with trades. James shadowed the job from start to finish, checking we were happy at each step, nothing was too much trouble, professionalism was paramount for James and the entire Team. I have never experienced a group of installers work so hard to deliver the agreed solution, not a single deviation, complaint or awkward conversation about changing the plan, they knew they could do it and they did it.After the installation we identified 3 minor issues, Alliance held back the final invoice (without being asked to), sent their best service technician and all problems were solved in a single visit to an exceptionally high standard. James called to confirm we were satisfied and confirmed that it is OK to send through the final invoice.I will only ever use Alliance for all my air conditioning requirements, including servicing and any future installations at other properties. In a marketplace with a never ending stream of air conditioning companies to select from, it is hard to know who to pick, make the choice simple and select Alliance.read more
helpful technician. I am impressed efficient, capablefriendly
Fast and professional. Great job
great professional team! my first aircon in my life! a game changer!cat is happy!
Liam was helpful and efficient. Have signed up for the next annual service. Thank you
All the guys that worked at our place were fabulous. They were efficient and cleaned up after themselves as the job progressed. Kevin, Aaron, Dzagan, Felicio and Andre were courteous and an absolute pleasure to deal with as well as doing a fabulous... jobread more
Very good job; well carried out and very considerate
First class service all round. From first contact with the office to the guys who did the installation. Clean, efficient, helpful , on time, tidy. What more do you want. This company operates as all service companies should. Well done all- thank... you.DavidNeutral Bayread more
Would highly recommend Alliance Climate Control, everyone from admin to the technician were super friendly. Liam Doyle was our technician who came and cleaned our AC. He was super thorough, didn't rush the process and was very diligent with... cleaning. He also didn't make a mess in our home, which was very much appreciated. The before & after was mind-blowing. Thanks ACC!read more
Kevin, DmaGan and Andres were efficient, punctual and polite. Excellent work.
All workers were friendly, courteous, professional. They did an amazing job, they left the area clean and explained each stwp of the Installation
Shout out to Alliance Climate control. Just had BJ, Mahran & Andreas install 2 new split systems and an update to our ducted system installed a few years ago on a very hot day.They were polite, professional and cleaned up after themselves. Jake in... Sales was able to amend the quote and send the new part out mid install so we could make the system work to our preferred zones. Zac & Shannon were on the ball and very responsive with the scheduling and payments too.read more
Excellent service, would highly recommend Alliance.
Very happy with all aspects of the service. From the quotation stage to installation, the professionalism of the staff was obvious! The installers were mindful, respectful and efficient in carrying out their work on an extremely hot day! Thank you!
straight forward quote, friendly, easy to understand the scope of work needed. very satisfied with the work done!
Giannis did a great job with our gyprocking. He was on time, clean and good quality work.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Air Purifier With UV Light?

The best UV air purifier is one installed in your air conditioning or HVAC system. This is because it helps prevent pathogens from growing inside your unit and ductwork, keeping them from circulating in your home. 


While standalone air purifiers are helpful, they don’t prevent your air conditioning system from breeding mould, bacteria and viruses. In addition, installing an air conditioning UVC purifier utilises your existing AC unit for airflow, rather than requiring a whole new appliance. 

Are UV Light Air Purifiers Safe?

Yes, UV light air purifiers have become common in residential and commercial applications because they are safe and chemical-free solutions. 

UV may be what scares us when we are out in the sun, but when it comes to air purifiers, UV light is completely safe. UV light air purifiers are now commonly found in homes, businesses, and hospitals across Australia. The UV lights are also installed to prevent them from being directly exposed to the outside, so they’re entirely safe to use. 

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