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Are you struggling to stay cool when thinking about the health of your home air conditioning system?

The condition of coils, the presence of rust and clogged filters can start as a mild inconvenience but can become a potentially serious concern. Don’t risk your health or home when a free air conditioner health inspection is just a call away!

Alliance Climate Control’s team of professionals can give your home’s climate control systems a free evaluation health check. An Alliance air con technician will identify any problems to help your AC unit run smoothly and safely.

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Why Does Your Air Conditioner
Need a Health Check?

With the amount you use your air conditioner, it’s bound to run into problems if it’s not properly serviced. Keeping us cool through the hottest days of the year is an important and demanding job. Getting a free professional health check is a small price to pay for the comfort our AC units provide.

Proper air conditioner servicing is about more than just extending the lifespan of your unit. Frequent servicing done by a licensed specialist will improve the system’s efficiency, the quality of the air you breathe, and even save you more on your electricity bills.

When you contact the team at Alliance Climate Control for a free air conditioner health check, you are providing the best for your system and your family. Our technicians follow an in-depth health check itinerary, ensuring we catch anything that could negatively impact your home air conditioning.

Covid Safe Contactless Inspections

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we continue to offer our full range of electrical services, including contactless safety checks. We understand that Covid-19 is a serious issue, but it shouldn’t prevent routine in-home electrical safety checks.

You shouldn’t put off an electrical inspection due to Covid-19 concerns. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk when it comes to dangerous electrical faults. For our customers’ total peace of mind, we offer Covid-safe contactless Air Conditioner Health Check checks across our entire service area.

All Alliance Climate Control technicians have completed Covid safe training and are equipped with the latest personal protective equipment. We take safety seriously, and we go above and beyond to ensure nobody has to delay these vital electrical safety checks.

Common Air Conditioner Issues We Discover

During an air conditioner health check, our licensed technicians follow an inspection program we have been refining for decades. Following this routine to the letter allows us to catch various things that could become serious issues with your home air conditioner.

Here is a list of the things our friendly team is trained to inspect and report on:

Dirty or Clogged Indoor Filters

The indoor filter for your air conditioner is one of the most important ones to check, as it directly affects the quality of the air you breathe in your home. Over time, dust, dirt and other contaminants are caught in the filter. But without cleaning the filter, it can actually affect indoor air quality and the performance of your system.

When your air conditioner is running with a clogged filter, it has to work harder to circulate the same amount of air through your home. This means that it’s not only pushing air through years of collected dust and mould spores, but also using up more energy to do it.

As part of our free air conditioning health check, we prioritise your indoor air conditioner filter, as it’s one thing that can make an immediate difference in your air conditioning. If your air filter is clogged or dirty, we can clean it on the spot so you can get back to breathing easier.

Damaged or Corroded Indoor Coils

Damaged or corroded coils can lead to many problems with your air conditioner, such as poor performance and air circulation. A damaged indoor coil could lead your air conditioner to fail before its full expected lifespan.

But performance is just one way the condition of your air con’s coils can impact the system. In air conditioners, coils are responsible for circulating and transporting refrigerant, a substance safe within your air conditioner but toxic to humans. If your coils are sufficiently corroded, it can cause a refrigerant gas leak which can be dangerous if left unchecked.

We inspect your air conditioner’s indoor coils to ensure they’re in good working condition. As part of our inspection, we ensure there’s no corrosion to the coils, and are hyper-vigilant for any signs of corrosion or refrigerant leaks. If we see anything that looks potentially hazardous, addressing the issue for you is always our priority.

Overburdened Fan Wheel

Like the air filter, the blower fan is prone to accumulating dust and dirt. The dust and dirt gathering on your air conditioner’s blower fan will not only affect your home’s air quality but could also damage the fan.

As dust and dirt build-up on your fan wheel, more energy is spent trying to rotate the fan correctly. The more dirt that has been built up on the fan, the more money you will spend on the electricity needed to rotate it.

The increased stress on your system will wear on the fan wheel, leading to more frequent repairs and breakdowns. Because they collect so much dust naturally, an overly stressed fan wheel can even cause fires. As part of our free health inspection, we ensure that your fan wheel has no signs of dirt, dust or stress.

Rusted or Mouldy Outdoor Coil

Outdoor coils naturally require more care and attention given that they are outside, subjected to the weather. Without proper cover and maintenance, outdoor coils can develop rust and deteriorate, significantly damaging your air conditioning system.

Outdoor air conditioner coils are also prone to freezing. As frost forms around the coils, water can leak in and around the air conditioning system. This can cause mould growth and, in some cases, affect the home’s structural integrity.

We’ll take a look at your system’s outdoor coils to ensure they’re in good condition as part of our free air conditioner health check. We have seen the results of poorly maintained outdoor coils, so every team member knows the importance of this part of the inspection.

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Outdoor Bracket Misalignment

Many factors can affect the alignment of the outdoor mounting bracket. Poor installation, weather, the system weighing on the bracket and general wear will all affect the alignment and the strength of the bracket.

A misaligned bracket may seem unimportant but will significantly affect the air conditioner. If the outdoor bracket is not aligned properly, an uneven drain pain will lead to water leaks around your home. From water staining to mould growth, bracket alignment is not something to ignore.

If bracket alignment isn’t addressed, it can even damage the bracket. A worn bracket causing an air conditioning unit to fall off or through your roof poses a significant threat to your family and property, which is why it’s an important part of our free health check process.

Clogged Outdoor Drain Kit

The outdoor drain kit needs to be clean and unobstructed. If it is, the issues it can cause range from mild to severe. At best, a clogged drain kit can mould and mildew growth in and around the outdoor drain kit.

At worst, a clogged or obstructed drain kit can cause mould infestations in your homes, weaken walls and even burst pipes. Outdoor drain kits don’t just affect your home’s interior; they can also cause damage and erosion outside your home.

The outdoor drain kit needs to be properly maintained, and to be sure they won’t cause any issues, drainage is always checked during our free air conditioner health evaluation. We’ll inspect your air conditioner’s draining system to make sure that there is no blockage or any water leaks.

Dirty, Dusty Louvres & Flaps

Air conditioner louvres and flaps are essential to the proper function of the air conditioner. But poorly maintained flaps and louvres won’t just affect performance – they can impact indoor air quality and even lead to costly damage.

Dust and dirt build-up can cause louvres and flaps to become stuck in place, directing air in the wrong direction. This will make your air conditioner work harder to compensate, costing you more money and circulating dust in the process.

Dirt build-ups can make flaps and louvres brittle, breaking if you try to move them back into place. Thankfully we check each of these components to see if they’re all in proper working order during our health checks.

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Blower Fan Running Poorly

A visual inspection is an important part of an air conditioner health check, as it allows us to see where current and future problems may come from. If your air conditioner’s blower fan isn’t working properly, you might experience poor air circulation.

We’ll conduct a visual inspection to see if the fan is running properly and check its mounting brackets. These checks will allow us to detect any problems with your air conditioner fans and confirm that they will continue to work properly until our next health check inspection.

Air Con Unit Vibrating

If your air conditioner is vibrating, it could signify something is wrong with one or more of its components. These vibrations could also lead to other problems, like loose screws, if left unchecked for too long.

Air conditioner vibrations can be subtle and hard to detect but significantly affect your system. If your air conditioning inspection doesn’t detect them, it may be too late by the time you have your next health check.

That’s why our team at Alliance Climate Control is trained to detect the slightest unnatural vibrations in your air conditioner. During the health check, we’ll look for the source of any vibrations and ensure that they won’t cause any damage, like wearing down mounting brackets.

Rusted & Corroded Parts

No matter where you live, rust is a common problem for air conditioners. Given how air conditioners work, moisture will naturally accumulate on and around them, and when left uninspected, it can lead to rust build-ups.

Rust causes corrosion that could weaken the system’s structure and cause water leaks in and around your home. In severe cases, rust can lead to refrigerant gas leaks that are toxic for you and your family.

As part of our free air conditioner health checks, we’ll inspect every part of your system for areas with rust and corrosion. Identifying the cause of rust or corrosion helps ensure your air conditioner is safe to run until our next inspection.

Degraded Insulation & Pipework

Age and weather can affect the integrity of your air conditioner’s insulation and pipework. This can lead to problems such as moisture buildup. Damaged or worn insulation and pipework will drastically reduce the efficiency of your unit.

As the condition of your air conditioner insulation and pipework worsens, so does the system’s thermal efficiency. With reduced thermal efficiency, the air conditioner will have to work harder and take longer to produce adequate cooling.

We’ll check for potential issues with your system’s insulation and inspect the pipework to determine if it’s in good condition. If it’s not up to standard, we can get it back to working condition by replacing the insulation or pipework as required.

Blocked & Damaged Ductwork

Air conditioner ducts will naturally accumulate dust and debris over time. However, if your ducts aren’t regularly inspected, it can lead to damage and costly repairs.

Over time, air ducts will transport various foreign objects. One of the biggest concerns with insufficient duct inspections is one of these foreign objects tearing or picturing the ducts. A damaged duct will circulate dust, debris and even fibreglass from inside your roof cavity and throughout your home.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your system’s ducts to see if they’re clean and undamaged as part of our free air conditioner health check. We check thoroughly for any damage or areas suffering wear and tear to ensure you get the most out of your air conditioning.

Faulty Zone Motor

Air conditioners with zoning capabilities are a great addition that allows you to better control your home air conditioning. However, if these components wear out or break, you could be paying more than necessary on your energy bills.

The zone motor controls the airflow into different rooms in your home. A faulty or damaged zone motor won’t be able to control the airflow properly, leading to certain rooms not receiving enough air. This will lead to more expensive electricity bills and poorer air conditioning performance.

A zoned air conditioner, when working properly, can not only save you a lot of money but give you unmatched control of how your home is cooled. During our health check, we inspect the zone motor to ensure it’s functioning as it should.

Dangerous Isolation Switch Issues

An isolation switch is a crucial part of an air conditioning system that allows the system to be cut off from the rest of the home’s electrical infrastructure. You’ll want the isolation switch to be in perfect working order in the event of an emergency or if your system needs to be serviced.

If your power trips or there is an electrical fault in your home electrical system, an isolation switch will automatically trigger, protecting your air conditioner from the fault. This can prevent severe damage to the unit and can even prevent fires from starting.

A properly functional isolation switch is vital to the safety of your air conditioner. We’ll take a look at your isolation switches to detect any problems as part of our free air conditioner health check process.

Unsafe Safety Switches

The safety switch is the breaker in the switchboard that isolates the air conditioner. When it
detects any fault in the electrical circuit, the safety switch (RCBO) will automatically turn off all power to the system. By law, every air conditioner must have an RCBO installed.

To prevent the risk of electrical fires and reduce the chance of your air conditioner being damaged, we prioritise switchboard safety inspection as part of our free air conditioner health check.

We can test the RCBO to see if it correctly manipulates power going into the air conditioner like it’s designed to do. This is an important part of our health inspection process, as a malfunctioning switchboard safety switch can cause electrical fires and severe damage to the electronics in your air conditioner.

Faulty AC Remote Controls

As the final step for our free air conditioner health check, we test the function of all mounted and remote controls to ensure they are working properly. Although often overlooked by other air conditioning repair companies, we understand the long-term impacts of malfunctioning remote controls.

An air conditioner remote control is just as much a part of your air conditioner as the filters or coils, which is why we give them the same attention to detail during our free annual health checks.

Damaged or malfunctioning controls can lead to poor air quality and increased electricity bills. We use state-of-the-art technology to test each air conditioning controller to ensure it’s working correctly.

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