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Damaged wiring, fuses and circuit breakers are a potentially deadly hazard.. Don’t wait for disaster to do something about it – book a free electrical safety inspection with Alliance.

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Can You Spot the Dangers in These Pictures?

Each issue above could cause a house fire, injury or death if not addressed – and only an expert elctrician can identify them. Book your free safety inspection today.

Why Are Electrical Safety Checks So Important?

Like anything else in our homes, electrical wiring and safety devices don’t last forever. They’re subject to ageing, wear and tear, and damage from rodents and vermin. Unlike other hazards around the house, though, these risks are often invisible to homeowners.

The bottom line? Home electrical systems need to be regularly inspected and tested by a professional to ensure that they are working safely. The only way to have peace of mind and protect what’s important to you is to have a licensed electrician perform a thorough safety inspection.

With so many electrical appliances in our homes, and everyone charging multiple devices overnight, it’s easy to overload an outlet or a circuit. Older electrical wiring and switchboards often can’t cope, and this can have catastrophic consequences.

It’s more important than ever to make sure that your electrical systems are in good condition. Here at Alliance Climate Control, we offer FREE and comprehensive electrical safety checks. Get the ultimate peace of mind and book your inspection today.

Covid Safe Contactless Inspections

Here at Alliance Climate Control, we continue to offer our full range of electrical services, including contactless safety checks. We understand that Covid-19 is a serious issue, but it shouldn’t prevent routine in-home electrical safety checks.

You shouldn’t put off an electrical inspection due to Covid-19 concerns. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk when it comes to dangerous electrical faults. For our customers’ total peace of mind, we offer Covid-safe contactless electrical safety checks across  our entire service area.

All Alliance Climate Control technicians have completed Covid safe training and are equipped with the latest personal protective equipment. We take safety seriously, and we go above and beyond to ensure nobody has to delay these vital electrical safety checks.

Common Electrical Hazards Around The Home

Electrical safety checks are about more than just making sure your home is up to code. They’re also about identifying and mitigating potential electrical hazards, from out-of-date switchboards and fuses to damaged wiring. There are a range of things around the home that can cause potentially deadly electrical issues. The only way to protect your home and family is to ensure that your entire home is regularly inspected by a licensed electrician. Having a qualified professional check your home’s electrical wiring is the best way to prevent house fires, and eliminate any electrocution hazards putting your family at risk.

Here are the 8 most common electrical dangers we find in Australian households:

Faulty Switchboards

Did you know that faulty switchboards are one of the main causes of house fires? If your switchboards are not up to date or properly installed, you could be putting your home and family at risk.

Switchboards should be inspected every year by a qualified electrician to ensure that they are in good working order. Switchboard issues can even be caused by newer appliances being connected to an older switchboard, so it’s important to have a professional test your switchboard annually.

Have your switchboard inspected and tested with a free electrical safety check.

Dangerous Cabling

Old or damaged cabling can cause electric shocks, fires and even death. It’s important to have all your cabling checked by a qualified electrician at least every year.

Dangerous cabling is often found in homes that are older or have been subject to water damage. All electrical wiring undergoes wear and tear after installation, and the insulation protecting the wires degrades.

Electrical installations performed by underskilled or unlicensed tradespersons can also be dangerous. If safe cable management is overlooked, it can lead to heating issues or attract vermin, all of which can eventually lead to fires or electrocution hazards.

Don’t let damaged cabling go undetected – book an inspection with Alliance Climate Control today.

Dangerous Cotton Cloth Wiring

Did you know that the wiring in your home could be made of cotton? Cotton wiring was commonly used before the 1960s, and as cotton deteriorates over time, it’s a major fire hazard. Cotton can easily become wet and spark in the presence of heat or an electrical current. It’s also not as effective at containing heat, especially over many years of wear and tear.

To make matters worse, asbestos was often used as insulation in cotton wiring, which can cause serious health problems if it’s disturbed. Many homeowners aren’t even aware that their home has cotton wiring, and the only way to find out is to have a professional electrical safety inspection performed.

During your free electrical safety inspection, Alliance Climate Control will check the kind of wiring installed in your home, and whether it could pose any safety issues.

For complete peace of mind, book your Alliance electrical safety check today – it’s quick, free and Covid-safe.

Dodgy Downlights

Downlights are one of the most common fixtures in a home, but they’re also a major cause of house fires. Many downlights contain halogen lamps, which can get very hot. If a downlight is damaged, the halogen lamp can easily cause a fire. Halogen lamps are also prone to breaking, which can let heated bulb fall onto flammable material.

Downlights are also often installed in kitchens and bathrooms, where there is a high chance of water exposure. If a downlight is installed in a wet area and it gets wet, the lamp can short circuit and start a fire. Downlights in wet areas need to be properly sealed and have a water-resistant coating to be safe.

It’s important to have your downlights checked regularly for damage, and to replace any damaged lights as soon as possible. Damaged downlights can be a serious fire hazard, and can easily ignite surrounding materials.

It’s one of many household electrical hazards we check for during an Alliance Climate Control safety inspection.

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Vermin Activity

Vermin activity, like rats and mice, can cause all sorts of electrical problems in your home. Rats and mice can chew through wiring, which can cause short circuits and even fires. Even if you haven’t seen signs of vermin at home, you can never be 100% sure what’s happening behind your walls.

Household pests often make nests in warm, dark places, such as behind electrical appliances or in roof spaces. Because these areas are hard to get to, it can be difficult to know if vermin activity has caused risky damage to your wiring.

That’s why it’s essential to have your house’s electrical cabling regularly inspected by a local electrical professional. An electrician will be able to identify and repair any damage done before it can lead to disaster.

Damaged Fuses& Circuit Breakers

Damaged fuses and circuit breakers are another common cause of electrical fires. When these items are damaged, they can overheat and start a fire. It is important to have these items inspected regularly by a qualified electrician to ensure that they are in working order. Your home’s circuit breakers and fuses should be replaced every five years, as they can wear out and cause dangerous electrical problems.

Fires caused by faulty or damaged electrical wiring can be very dangerous and often result in fatalities. It also means you can’t rely on these essential safety devices to protect you and your family in case of an electrical fault.

That’s why it is so important to keep your home safe by having a professional inspection done on a regular basis. Book your free electrical inspection today for complete peace of mind.

Damaged Powerpoints

Since powerpoints are so accessible, even for kids and toddlers, damaged powerpoints pose a significant electrocution risk. Electrical current can be flowing through a faulty powerpoint even when switched off, and if your home electricals haven’t been inspected recently, you may not be able to count on your safety switch either.

What’s even more concerning is that powerpoints can be faulty without visible signs of damage. When it comes to electrical faults, you need a licensed electrician to perform proper testing and identify any faults. Annual inspection is strongly recommended, especially if you have children at home.

Electrocution caused by using faulty or damaged power points is avoidable if your home is regularly inspected. Power point inspections for an entire home can take less than an hour, and with free electrical checks available from Alliance Climate Control, there’s no reason not to get your powerpoints safety tested.

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Faulty Earth

Faulty earth can be one of the most dangerous electrical safety issues in the home. Not only does it pose a huge risk of deadly accidents, but it rarely causes other noticeable problems. 

Earthing ensures excess current in your home’s electricals has a low-resistance place to flow, helping to prevent electrical shock and damage to your appliances. If your home’s earthing is faulty, high-voltage electricity can flow through metal objects and cause electrocution when touched. 

Improper earthing is the ‘silent killer’ of the household, and it’s likely you won’t identify a problem until it’s too late. The solution is simple – having a professional electrician perform an annual safety check will give you confidence your home is properly earthed. 

Call the team at Alliance Climate Control today and book your electrical safety check.

Damaged Outdoor Electrical Equipment

Almost every home has some kind of outdoor electrical equipment, whether it’s your outdoor lighting, irrigation system, security cameras or pool pump. Unfortunately, outdoor electrical equipment is often subject to a lot of wear and tear, and this can lead to risky faults.

Wind and rain will naturally damage outdoor electrical appliances over time, as does repeated use. Damaged outdoor electrical equipment risks exposing live wires and electrical current flow into metal components.

This can pose a huge risk to your family and friends, especially during wet weather. When you book an electrical safety check, your Alliance Climate Control technician will inspect any outdoor electrical equipment to ensure it doesn’t pose a risk.

Exhaust Fan Dust Build Up

Dust build-up in your exhaust fans won’t just set off your allergies: this build-up can cause your exhaust fans to overheat and even spark a fire. Dust deposits are flammable and can easily ignite from a tiny spark or heat source.

Excess dust in your exhaust fans also means it needs to work harder to generate the same airflow. Not only will this increase your energy bills, but it adds to the risk of overheating. Overworked fans have an increased chance of sparking or causing fires, igniting dust build-up.

You can help to prevent dust buildup in your exhaust fans by having them cleaned on a regular basis. It’s just one of many unexpected things Alliance Climate Control checks for during your free electrical safety inspection.

Out Of Date Smoke Detectors

Did you know that smoke detectors can expire? Most people don’t know that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years. If your smoke detectors are out of date, you and your family are at risk if a fire breaks out.

Smoke detectors are the first and often the last line of defense against house fires. If your smoke alarms are out of date, they can’t be relied on when you need them the most, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

As part of every home electrical safety check, we will test your smoke detectors and ensure they’re working effectively. Don’t take the risk: get your smoke detectors checked today.

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