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With over 15 years of top-quality air conditioning services in the Inner West’s, Alliance Climate Control is the leading expert on air conditioner installation for your local area. Our team of locally-based technicians are pioneers in the HVAC industry, dedicated to ensuring that each customer’s needs are met and exceeded through our fantastic service.

Every member of the Alliance family are experts in air conditioning installation, but our experience in servicing the Inner West area makes Alliance Climate Control the perfect service for your home or office. With intimate knowledge of the local climate, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll find you a tailored air conditioning solution.
We don’t just serve residential clients either, our services are available for any commercial space.

If you’re looking to update your air flow, look no further than Alliance Climate Control. Not only are our quality air conditioning products more energy efficient, but they’ll also provide you with the optimal temperature inside, no matter the weather outside.

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Which Type of Air Conditioning System is Best for Inner West Sydney?

Whether it is the unbearable heat of Australian summer, or the surprisingly cool winter nights, it is not uncommon to look for a one-size-fits-all solution for temperature control. However, there isn’t a singular air conditioning unit that’ll provide optimal air flow in both a residential and office environment.

Rather, you’ll need to consider the environment around you to be able to choose the ideal air conditioning unit for your space. To help narrow down the best option for you, begin by asking yourself these questions:

The Inner West is recording higher temperatures with each passing summer, especially when compared to the Eastern suburbs. With dryer and hotter days than the coastline, you may want to look into a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning unit to begin cooling your home. Alternatively, if you need to condition an entire commercial facility, you can try package air conditioners. These units also provide heating during the cooler months, with July and August recording average temperature lows at 6°C.

With the high number of older Australian buildings in the Inner West area mixing with newer residential apartments and office buildings, it is important to choose an air conditioning unit that successfully cools down your entire space. Smaller spaces can be cooled down with wall air conditioners, but larger areas may require multi-split systems.

The original design of your building can greatly affect what cooling system works best. Namely, the amount of insulation in the walls can affect how cool your space can be kept. Otherwise, higher ceilings and open-spaces can also affect what power your air conditioning service requires.

If energy efficiency is a priority when looking into potential air conditioning systems, you should always check the energy efficiency ratings on the unit. The cost of cooling is becoming more expensive in Australia with each year, but you can save some money with more energy efficient options.

Some air conditioning units are just a bit noisy, which can make or break a choice in air conditioning needs for some. Fortunately, if you are worried about the noise of your air conditioner disrupting office work or your home life, you can always check the manufacturer’s specifications for a sound power rating (dBA).

For those with a more sensitive system, there are plenty of air conditioning units that actively improve the quality of air in a space. This is due to the combination of work done by features like ionisers, UV air filtration, antiviral or antioxidant filters, and humidifiers. Always check the manufacturing specifications to see if these features are included.

It is not uncommon to want to save money on major investments, including air conditioning installation. However, there are consequences to buying a cheap air conditioning system that are not seen in more trusted brands. Although major brands come with a higher price tag, they also come with warranties and excellent after-sales services; nothing like a cheap knock-off brand.

Learn more about choosing the right AC for you on our website, especially in calculating the right size, or give us a call if you have any further questions.

For more information on finding the right air conditioning system for you, read up on our guide to choosing the right AC size, or give us a call!

Choose From Our Wide Range of Air Conditioner Types

At Alliance Climate Control, we have a wide range of air conditioner types well-suited for any space. You can pick from the main 4 unit types:

The combination of an outside compressor and second unit within the roof cavity is a discreet way to both cool and heat an entire building. Ducted systems can be located anywhere to evenly distribute a temperature-controlled air flow.

The outdoor compressor links to a wall-hung air conditioning unit installed within the rooms you wish to cool. Much more popular in the domestic range of units, especially those with smaller rooms.

Up to 8 wall-mounted, floor-mounted or ducted air units are attached to one outdoor unit, which is ideal for cooling or heating multiple indoor locations through separate controls.

Preferred by those looking to reduce energy consumption and use a more natural cooling method, this AC unit does an excellent job with filtering indoor air pollution.

We service these air conditioning variants and more:

For further information on what types of air conditioners are available for you, look to our air conditioner systems guide.

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Searching for qualified air conditioning installation in Sydney's Inner West?

Our expert team of air con installers have in-depth knowledge of the Inner West area, including its climate and humidity levels, to provide you with the service you deserve.

Our technicians are some of the best in the business, backed by 15 years of Alliance Climate Control’s own expertise. We provide regular in-house training to keep them on top of the newest innovations and market developments in HVAC. This ensures that your air conditioning installation is top-notch and ahead of the market than most air conditioning service competitors.

Here at Alliance, we pride ourselves on our culture of passion, accountability and, most important of all, trust in our work. There should be no doubt in our customers’ minds about the quality of our services, and we want each and every person to believe in the standard that we set for ourselves and our workers. That’s why we supply the most essential part of any good business partner; life-long partnerships with our customers. After all, the install process should always be about the customer, not the costs.

Major Brands and Direct Partners We Work With​

Alliance Climate Control is partnered with all the major brands in climate control, making air conditioning in the Inner West possible.

Suburbs We Service in Inner West Sydney

Alliance provides great service to the entire Inner West area, including the surrounding suburbs. In the case that your suburb isn’t listed in those that we service, gives us a call and we’ll be more than ready to head on out for a consultation.

  • Annadale, 2038
  • Balmain East, 2041
  • Balmain, 2041
  • Birchgrove, 2041
  • Camperdown, 2050
  • Dulwich Hill, 2203
  • Enmore, 2042
  • Erskineville, 2043
  • Haberfield, 2045
  • Leichhardt, 2040
  • Lewisham, 2049
  • Lilyfield, 2040
  • Marrickville, 2204
  • Newtown, 2042
  • Petersham, 2049
  • Rozelle, 2039
  • St Peters, 2044
  • Stanmore, 2048
  • Sydenham, 2044

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Maintenance Tune-Up will ensure your system is kept in pristine condition year after year!

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