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Electrical Storage Hot Water Systems

Electrical Storage Hot Water Systems comes in many different models and capacities. Essentially, this is a well-insulated tank, or a boiler designed to store hot water. Generally, domestic hot water storage tanks store water ready to be boiled when demanded. Some systems can only be used to store hot water.

How do gas storage hot water systems work?

  • Numbers1 Cold water travels into the tank via pressure
  • Numbers2 The cold water is heated by heating elements through electricity
  • Numbers3 As the water heats up, it rises to the top of the tank where it is tapped off for use around the house

Most hot water tanks have a thermostat built in to set the water temperature. As the water gains more pressure while being heated, a temperature and pressure valve, and an overflow pipe allows excess water to leak out. This way the tank will not be damaged from excessive pressure.


Types Of Storage Tanks

Mild steel ​

Most tanks are made with mild steel and is not entirely waterproof. This means any exposed steel can still be corroded so a sacrificial anode is installed in these tanks. Sacrificial anode refers to an aluminium/magnesium wrapped steel core wire which will corrode in place of the tank – hence ‘sacrificial’. However, once the rod is entirely corroded, other steels parts of the tank will start to rust. The sacrificial anode is replaced every 5 years to prevent major tank faults.

Stainless steel​

Designed to withstand weather and other environmental impacts to prevent corrosion which also means it does not have a sacrificial anode to deal with corrosion concerns. Generally, this means stainless steel tanks are more expensive than mild steel ones.

Electric vs Gas


  • Relatively cheap to setup however more expensive to run
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors with no other requirements
  • Off-peak electricity is much cheaper to run but require a larger tank to be heated to last you all day (some homes don’t have access to off-peak electricity)
  • Electric ignition is more economical, but in a blackout, you can lose your hot water supply.


  • Cheaper than electricity to run
  • Usually installed outdoors for ventilation requirements but can also be installed indoors with a flue
  • Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles can be used instead of natural – however running costs would increase
  • Gas water heaters have an energy efficiency star rating

Pros & Cons


  • Storage tanks provide hot water without taking a long time
  • Consistent temperature while hot water remains in the tank


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