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7 Major Mistakes People Make When Mounting their TV

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Mounting your TV to the wall is a great way to save space, improve your home’s aesthetic and enhance your viewing experience. This may seem like an easy thing to do, but if not done the right way—you could damage your television.

Poorly mounted TVs are at risk of coming off their mounts and falling, a very costly accident that could have been avoided. Here’s a list of common mistakes many people make while mounting their TVs that you should avoid.

1.Choosing the wrong wall

Perhaps the most common mistake people make when they mount their televisions is picking the wrong wall – which could end with a disastrous outcome.

For instance, mounting your TV on drywall.

Drywall isn’t strong enough to hold the weight of most televisions, and chances are the wall’s integrity will get compromised and the television will come tumbling down. The ideal type of wall to install your TV on is a brick wall or stud wall.

2.Ignoring lighting conditions

Interior lighting and sunlight from your windows may seem like an odd thing to consider when you’re mounting a TV, but it plays a major role in your viewing experience.

Fitting your TV too close to windows or light sources could lead to reflections on your TV’s screen, interrupting your viewing experience. So it’s important to check which walls in your living room have the least exposure to light before mounting your TV.

If light exposure is unavoidable, consider using a rotatable or tilting mount that will allow you to angle your TV away from light sources.

3.Mounting the TV too high

Sometimes, you might misjudge how high you should fix your TV. Mounting the TV too high is a very common scenario and this won’t just affect your viewing experience – it can also cause health issues like neck strain and headaches in the long run.

The best height to fix your TV would be at sitting height, preferably right in the middle of the wall. However, if you plan on mounting the television in your kitchen or somewhere you are likely to work while standing, consider mounting it at standing height.

If you can’t fix your TV any lower, try fitting it with a tilting mount so that you can angle it down towards where you’ll be seated.

4.Using the wrong mounts

All wall mounts for TVs are graded to support TVs with specific dimensions, this is to ensure that they’re strong enough to support your device. Using the wrong mounts could lead to the TV collapsing under its own weight.

Make sure to purchase a mount that is designed specifically for your TV, or just use the one that comes packaged with it.

5.Mounting the TV above the fireplace

Aesthetically, mounting your TV above the fireplace can look great, especially when a fireplace is usually the room’s focal point.

The problem with doing this is that electrical devices don’t get along well with heat and smoke. Installing a TV above the fireplace may lead to it getting damaged over time, shortening its life span.

Always install your TV away from any heat sources.

6.Not leaving enough space for cables

Mounting your TV without leaving enough space for more cables could mean you have to take the TV down again when you want to add a new appliance, like a gaming console or a streaming device.

Leave just enough space between your TV and its mounting for you to add more cables or have the cables fitted in place beforehand.

7.Doing the job yourself

A lot of people like to get things done by themselves, but mounting a TV is a job that can’t be done by one person. For instance, you’ll need to lift the TV and hold it to the mounting spot, while attaching it to the mount simultaneously – this just can’t be done by one person alone.

Have a friend or family member to help you out.

Get help from the pros

A perfectly mounted TV can give you a great viewing experience. Mounting a TV can be a tough job, even when you have a friend to help you out, so getting in touch with a professional will be a big help.

At Alliance Climate Control, we can help you mount your TV safely for the optimal viewing experience. We also offer a range of other great services, such as CCTV camera installation, air conditioning maintenance, outdoor heating, and more.

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