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bathroom heater with exhaust fan

Do you need bathroom heater with exhaust fan in your home?

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As we approach the cold winter in Australia, many of you may be wondering how you can stay warm and snug in your homes. While plenty of people are ready to install gas or electric heaters and insulate their indoors, few ever think about their bathrooms.

The bathroom is, arguably, one of the most important rooms in our homes – and places we spend a fair bit of time in. As a room we spend a part of our morning and night in, if your bathroom is not warm, preparing for the day or getting ready for bed can become quite nightmarish.

If you’re considering bathroom heater with exhaust fan for your home ahead of the winter, here are a few things you need to know.


Bathroom heaters don’t just keep you warm

While heating up your wash closet is the main thing bathroom heaters do, contrary to what many people think, their benefits don’t end there.

These systems also expend an incredible effort to reduce the moisture in your air – which is highly important if you want to prevent mould in your space – and prevent any funny smells in your bathroom.

What’s more, is that these heaters also perform another invaluable function: they keep your bathroom dry when it’s not in use.

During the winter when it’s much harder for wet surfaces to dry up quickly, a bathroom heater can keep your wash closet dry, warm, and snug for you when you get back home or in between your showers.

Personally, there’s nothing better than coming home at the end of the day to a bathroom that looks and feels like this.

Something I always share with clients is that your investment in these heating solutions always pays off because they’re not only inexpensive to maintain, but the value it adds to your lifestyle is just immense.

Bonus? They’re also relatively easy to install.

What you need to consider when it comes to bathroom heater installation

Before you jump aboard the bathroom heater with exhaust fan bandwagon, there are a few things you need to know about your system and how it will work.

Air extraction

Your bathroom heater’s air extraction power has a huge role to play in terms of keeping your space dry as well as sucking up the moisture in your air. Getting this specification right is important to enjoy all the benefits I discussed in the previous section.

If your exhaust fan is too small or not powerful enough compared to the size of your bathroom, you’re not only going to miss out on a warm wash closet, but also risk creating a breeding ground for mould.

With a powerful air extraction system, your heater will get rid of the steam in your bathroom without too much of a problem. Its capacity is measured in m³/hr and this number will change depending on the size of your bathroom.


Another equally important factor to look into is the heating capacity of your heater. As above, the same rule applies: you need to make sure you’re equipped with the heating power you actually require.

Get a system with a capacity that exceeds what you need and you’re not going to enjoy the ROI you’re expecting. It can also drive your heating bills up.

Getting a system that can’t heat your space up effectively, on the other hand, is just as bad. This means money down the drain because you’ve now invested in a bathroom heater that can’t keep you warm.


In addition to getting your specs right, it’s important that your bathroom heater with exhaust fan is installed professionally in line with your system’s requirements and your own too.

More often than not, homeowners get themselves a perfectly sized heater only to lose out on its benefits because of a botched installation. When working with your service providers, make sure they have experience doing what they do and are certified to install heating systems in your home.

Keep your bathroom warm and comfortable this winter with the right heating solutions

As the coldest months of the year approach, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how you’re going to stay warm and dry at home.

Just remember that beyond installation bathroom heater & exhaust fan that keeps you and your loved ones cosy and comfortable, don’t forget the importance of professional ducted gas heating installation as well.