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How To Beat The Heat

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They say that the world is getting progressively hotter and if the last few years have been any indication it seems like they are right and anyone that doesn’t have an air conditioning service must be melting on our hottest days in Sydney.

If you are struggling to beat the heat, here are some tips to help you keep your cool when the world feels like it is melting.


Maintain Your Home Air Conditioning

The last thing that you want is your air conditioner installation to stop working on a hot, hot day. Make sure that you get the air conditioning Sydney experts to check your system on a regular basis so that it is in great running order.


Close Up

Close your window, curtains and blinds to keep the heat out. Find your favourite movies and select your most comfortable position on the couch. Get your favourite nibbles and a jug of something cool and thirst-quenching and settle down to watch.

Oh, but before you do, turn up your ducted air conditioning to high and relax while you are staying cool.


Frozen Sheets

About 30 minutes before you retire for the night put your sheets in the freezer. They actually won’t freeze but will be deliciously cool when you lie down to sleep with the cold air from your air conditioning service helping to keep your temperature down while you go to sleep.


Add a Fan

Use a fan while you have your air conditioner installation on low. Point the fan so that you can feel the breeze. The fan will evaporate your sweat and move heat away from your skin while the ducted air conditioning will remove the humidity from the air.


Natural Fabrics

Wear clothes made from cotton or other natural fibres and they will keep you cooler. Make sure they are loose to allow air circulation. It helps to also have curtains, cushions and other furnishings that are natural fibres so when it is hot they are much more comfortable to interact with.