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Farewell to Halogen lightbulbs: Australia’s 2020 Ban On Halogen Light

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Halogen: These light bulbs are an enhancement of incandescent light bulbs which are common in most homes. Does your light bulb heat up while it lights up? If it is too hot to handle, chances are it is a halogen light bulb. These light bulbs use electrical current to heat up the tungsten filament (metal wire/material that has an extremely high melting point).

LED: This is not a particularly new term anymore however it is the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. What does it stand for? ‘Light Emitting Diode’. Basically, these LED lightbulbs have a longer lifespan and uses less power than halogen bulbs which means lower initial costs and overall energy bills

Most households are already changing their light source to LED products. LED products can last up to 15x longer when compared with halogen lights. Plus, consumers are already taking advantage of the fact that LED lightbulbs only use ¼ of the energy needed to run halogen lighting.

Why are people still using halogen light?

Halogen lighting has been known to be the cause of fires and due to its functionality – they are a fire hazard in the home. They are expensive to run, bad for the environment, dangerous to households, and inefficient. So why are people still using them? 1. Aesthetics 2. They simply didn’t know of these facts.

September 2020 Ban On Halogen Lights

If you still have halogen lighting in your home or business, it is time to get them upgraded to LED lights. You’ll be saving money on your energy bill before the mandatory ban even comes into action (In September 2020). The federal government predicts that the switch to LED light can save Australian consumers over $1.48bn in the next 10 years.

The ban follows the EU ban to phase out halogen lighting across Europe by 2020. The Australian government will also introduce minimum standards for LED lights as part of a review of the Ecodesign laws.

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