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Top 8 Electric Problems You Can Experience In Your Home

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Most houses have electric installations. We depend on electricity for most of our day to day activities; to charge our phones and laptops, for advanced cleaning, to cook food and to heat water and make coffee. Electricity, in as much as it is helpful, can turn out to be very dangerous if not handled well. Every day, we experience some electrical problems in our homes; we will discuss a few in this article.

Frequent electrical surges

Surges are also called Transient. In common terms, a surge is a result of an excess voltage in an electrical circuit. Surges can damage the electronic appliances connected in a circuit. The most common cause of a surge is lightning. A surge mostly occurs for seconds or milliseconds. If it lasts longer than that, then maybe the problem could be the device connected or the wiring done in the home. When a surge occurs it’s advisable to remove all connected devices from the sockets.

Light switches not working properly

You might find that at times the light switches do not respond. You cannot switch them ON or switch them OFF.  This is because some components of the switch are missing or are damaged.

You must consult an electrician to fix this problem.

Lightbulbs burning out too often

It’s been only a few days you used a new bulb, and it’s already burnt out. Bulbs can burn out quickly due to several factors and its tricky for you to find the right cause of the problem. Some of the most common causes are bad wiring and high wattage.

If you experience this problem, you must consult an electrician.

Circuit breaker trips often

circuit breaker is an automatic device for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure. Circuit breaker can trip or shut down often if you use high-voltage electrical appliances or use many appliances from the same source of power, at the same time.

To fix this problem, you must consider using fewer appliances or avoid overloading your circuits with high-voltage appliances. To get an accurate measure of how to use the appliances, consult an electrician.

Lightbulbs too bright or dim

This problem can be caused either by the bulbs having a different watt rating, or the connections not done properly. Check your bulb to see they are identical, otherwise consult an electrician.

Electrical shocks

Your electricity providing company charges you by the number of electrical units you consume over a time period say a month. Sometimes it might occur to you that you don’t use as much electricity as the bill reads.

If your electricity bill is too high, you must cut down on the amount of electricity you use. You can use low-power appliances and bulbs, and switch off lights when not in use.

If you still get high electricity bills, you must consult an electrician.

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