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Safety Switches Vs. Surge Diverters Vs. Circuit Breakers

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Safety switches vs. surge diverters vs. circuit breakers

For most homeowners, understanding how the electrical system works around their home is a bit of a challenge. You may wonder why house has a safety switch when there are circuit breakers around.

For most people, there is no difference between these two, and most of the time, the safety switch is thought to be the surge diverter. The truth is that these three appliances perform varied functions, but they all work towards ensuring that you and your house are protected.


What is a safety switch? (protects people)

A safety switch is also commonly referred to as a residual current device (RCD). It is usually installed in the switchboard of a building. A safety switch monitors current flow in wires that supply electricity within your home. Safety switches are usually installed for the main reason that they protect the building from fires caused by an electrical defect and electrocutions. Should there be a fault in the electrical system; the safety switch will turn off power to your appliances in seconds. Statistics actually show that safety switches have helped saved many lives.

Surge dividers (protects whole house)

A surge diverter is also known as a surge protector, and its main function is to prevent any damage to your home appliances as a result of voltage surges. A good example is when lightning strikes and causes a voltage spike through the electrical wiring. When this happens, the surge protector will divert the current away from your appliances, hence protecting your property from a possible fire outbreak.

Circuit breakers (protects appliances, wiring, electrical)

While safety switches offer you protection against possible electrocution, surge protectors and automatic circuit breakers do not. Circuit breakers are usually installed in the main switchboard, and they offer a short-current as well as over-current protection. An over-current may be caused by an overloaded powerpoint.

Why should you install all three?

Safety switches, surge protectors and automatic circuit breakers all perform various protective and safety functions. Installing one and not the other may expose you or your property to potential risk should any fault occur in your electrical system. The good news about these three devices is that they can be easily installed, and operated either manually or automatically. It is better to install all three than to be sorry when the damage is already done.

Why choose a processional?

Installing safety switches, surge protectors and circuit breakers is a service that is offered by professionals. We have a team of professional electricians who can check your electrical system and recommend an installation or repair work for an existing one. Our customers receive a quote before our team starts working on your electrical system. The good news is that we ensure high standards of safety on your property. We also source our electrical devices from trusted manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

If you wish to install these three devices in your home, or you simply wish to know more about how they work, feel free to contact us. Our friendly team will be more than glad to help you maximize the safety of your home.

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