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Why Choose A Daikin Split Wall Air Conditioning Sydney

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What is a Daikin Split Wall Unit?


A Daikin Split Wall air conditioner system is probably best suited to conditioning air in individual rooms or smaller living spaces when either cooling or heating is desired. Consisting of a discreetly positioned outdoor unit and a stylish indoor wall-mounted unit, the system provides ultimate comfort with many innovative features that place Daikin at the forefront of air conditioner design and development.

A Daikin Split System Wall unit may be a much less expensive option to install and operate when conditioning the air of a smaller space is required, rather than cooling the entire house. Silent operation is one of Daikin’s many features with a compressor and condenser fan that is largely inaudible and located in the outside unit, while the inside cooling fan and coil operate in a whisper-quiet mode in your living space bringing comfortable and clean filtered air for you to enjoy with your family.

Daikin has led the market by example for many years with dedicated air conditioning system design and innovation that can only be copied by their others. Daikin only designs and produce air conditioning systems and became the first company to introduce inverter technology enabling air conditioners to generate cool air at more consistent temperatures without the cyclical ups and downs of other systems.

Daikin’s most recent innovation, the US7 system, with a super-efficient level 7 energy rating, introduces innovative humidifying, de-humidifying, ventilation and air purification features earning the National Asthma Foundation’s “Blue Butterfly” Sensitive Choice recognition.

Benefits of a Daikin split wall air conditioning system

Daikin split wall air conditioner system is the optimum choice for style, convenience and comfort for smaller living spaces or individual rooms requiring either heating or cooling. Daikin’s innovative development brings many comfort-enhancing and energy-saving features. These include an optimised humidity function where de-humidifying or re-humidifying the incoming air may be selected depending on the ambient conditions thus optimising comfort levels.

Another important feature of a Daikin Split wall system is its ability to provide increased air purity, particularly important if any member of your family suffers from asthma or other allergies exacerbated by poor quality air.

A two-stage air purification system first removes harmful carbon monoxide at the external unit, whilst the internal unit incorporating a self-cleaning function collects dust in a receptacle for later removal. The internal unit also includes a flash stream device to eradicate dangerous allergens and formaldehyde that may cause watery eyes or skin irritations.

Another feature of the Daikin wall system is its ability to “Mould proof” itself. This feature dries any condensation from the internals of the wall unit to ensure mould is unable to establish. Enacted at regular intervals, this feature helps prevent dirt and dust from gathering on the coil and other places that may influence the system’s performance.

Even the path of incoming air to your room has been the subject of great innovation. Daikin has a patented “Coanda” system which directs cool air towards the ceiling to promote greater circulation throughout the room, ensuring no draughts or unpleasant blasts of cool air are experienced.

It can even keep a watchful eye for you with its “Intelligent eye” system constantly scanning the room for occupants. If after a set time, no motion is detected in the room, the outdoor unit is turned off, leaving the wall unit on standby until an occupant returns to the area.

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