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Why you need ducted gas heating this winter


The beauty of living in Sydney is that you get to experience both cool and warm weather – often within the span of a few hours. To be comfortable, you need to find a way to keep your home cool during a heatwave while keeping your space warm when cooler weather strikes.

While choosing an air conditioning unit is a fairly easy decision to make, that is not always the case when it comes to a heating system.

If you’re unsure about what you need to invest in, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I need heating in every room or do I want to keep a specific area warm?”.

Your answer will tell you what kind of system you need to get – a split system if you don’t need to heat your entire home or a ducted gas system, which allows you to keep every room in your home warm.

A ducted gas heating system and how it works

A ducted gas heating system, while not suitable for a small house, is ideal for a family home that has a few rooms. It allows you to use a single heating unit to heat your entire home, making it an effective, cost-efficient option for most homeowners.

Typically known as central heating, ducted heaters generally come with two units – one unit installed indoors and one outdoors.

The unit that is indoors, the central heating unit, is either installed under the floors or in the attic and is connected to different rooms using a network of insulated ducts. These ducts are connected to the central heating unit on one end and the other, to outlets on the floor, ceiling or wall of each room.

Ducted heating systems draw air in via a fan, which is then heated by the central heating unit using heaters powered by gas. This air is then pushed through the ducts into each room.

Given that the ducts are insulated, they reduce heat loss and ensure that each room enjoys the full capacity and performance of the central heating unit.


Why choose a ducted gas heating system?

There are several advantages to using a ducted gas heating system in your home.

  • For one, it allows you to enjoy clean and heated air in each room. These systems also generally come with additional grills located throughout the house, which recirculate some of the heated air.
  • Ducted gas heaters also allow you to control the temperature in each room, helping you and your loved ones maintain the temperature you prefer. This level of control and customisation is unavailable when it comes to a split system.
  • Ducted heaters also use natural gas instead of electricity to heat your home, reducing your resource costs and carbon footprint. The warmth you enjoy in each room also feels much better on your skin.
  • Compared to electric heaters, ducted gas heaters are also much safer and cheaper to use. Even the installation process is easier, regardless of whether your home is new or you’ve been living in it for years.
  • Another massive advantage of installing a ducted gas heater is that you can use the same system to enjoy cool air during warmer seasons. By installing an add-on cooling system, you can switch to cool, filtered air whenever you need it.


Install ducted gas heating – one of the healthiest and safest heating options for your home

Managing your heating system is an essential part of being a homeowner. Given the ever-fluctuating Aussie weather and extreme winter and summer seasons, having an all-in-one system for heating and cooling your home is a major advantage.

A team of experienced technicians can help you design a cooling and heating system that meets all your needs and requirements. You access expert services and get to enjoy a system that provides continuous comfort for the lowest possible running cost.

Check out our website for more information or call us up on (02) 8061 5023 to schedule your appointment for the installation of a ducted gas heating system. Enjoy warmer, more comfortable winter months with your family this year.

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