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Benefits of Servicing Your Ducted Heating Air Conditioning System

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Better Energy Efficiency

Without routine maintenance, clogged air filters, dirty coils, and misaligned fins due to usage mean your system has to work harder and uses more energy.

When dust and debris collect in your system, the system has to work harder to perform the same results. This essentially means it is using more power, increasing your electricity bill every month without the highest quality results.

When maintenance is conducted, your system becomes more efficient as it does not need to work through all of the dirt in order to perform properly.


Longer Operational Life

Regular maintenance will help to ensure your system lasts it full useful life. As with any system, there is a limit to its operational use, with proper maintenance you’ll be sure to get the most bang for your buck out of it.

When one area of the system needs maintenance this adds additional stress to other areas of the system, causing those to work extra hard and wear away faster. The sooner maintenance is conducted, the less damage is caused, and the longer you will get out of your system.

Lower Repair Costs

Major repair costs are often avoidable with routine maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the overall system may begin to stop working all at once, causing much higher costs to repair the existing unit or purchase a new system all together. These costly emergency repairs can be mitigated with consistent maintenance to ensure that parts of your system are not under duress and cause unnecessary faults.

For Your Health

When systems are regularly maintained they are thoroughly sterilised and have the dirt and debris that collects throughout the various parts and filters removed.

Without removal of the dirt and debris, these particles can be released back into your home, impacting your air quality. As these allergens build up in your system over time, each time you turn on your system, this disrupts the allergens and releases them back into the air, this can cause asthma attacks or allergies to flare up.

Additionally, when these have not been cleaned, this produces the ideal environment for mould to grow: a warm, dark, and damp climate. Ingesting mould spores can be extremely harmful and can lead to respiratory problems. This is especially important for individuals or their family members with allergies or have asthma.

At Alliance Climate Control, our professionally trained service technicians are available for any of your servicing needs.

Fully replacing, rather than repairing your system can be a large decision. However, greater energy efficiencies and a decrease in operating costs are all outcomes of replacements.

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